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Thursday, July 28, 2016

It's Been a While....

I'm trying to figure out a way to be able to blog from my phone. I miss blogging but rarely sit down at my computer. I think, mentally, I view the computer as a place to sit and stay for hours on end. Probably because that's what it's always been for me, historically.  My phone, on the other hand, is easy to sign on for a few minutes and shut right back off.

Unfortunately, it appears that Blogger does not have a good mobile blogging app. This one is third party; we shall see how well it works. I may have to switch to Wordpress. 

Fascinating stuff, eh? 😂 

Here's Magnus. He's cute. 😍😆

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Letter to Liz's Family

Hi all!

We are SO excited to see everyone soon!  Daniel and Sam get to hang out with us here and then we will caravan back to Utah together (unless I can't handle going as slow as Daniel drives...then he will eat my dust...and pay my speeding tickets 😁😁😂😂). Ari's baptism, General Conference, and Easter in Utah!! Can't wait!

Here's a little about the Bagels and some pictures and a video to follow.

Last night we had an overdue Redbox movie to return and decided to walk it there. I am trying to get us moving more as a family and so far it's been working AND feeling really good. I like to try to park blocks away from my destination and walk the rest of the way. Anyway, the Redbox last night was close to Golden Spoon, so we stopped there, too, for a treat before walking home. The Bigs have devised a game that gets them sprinting in intervals as we walk - they call it laser lights. Anytime a car approaches, they have to sprint and duck behind the closest cover they can find which usually results in gangly hurdling, faceplants, wrestling matches, and lots of giggling. It's really entertaining. I push the three Littles in the double stroller (Karsten holds Jesper on his lap) which means I'm pushing around an extra 140lbs!! 😳💪💪

Our exciting home news is that we are replacing our kitchen table with a built in kitchen island, complete with electricity!!!  I am SOOOO over-the-moon excited about this change!  Countertop space is scant in our house and I can't wait to have a massive island countertop to play with and a whole lot more drawer space below and stools for the kids!  Woot woot! 🙌🙌🙌

The boys are loving their triple and double bunks and I even put Jesper to sleep in his floor bed one night. These beds are so awesome and will definitely be coming with us whenever we move some day!

Soren is still pursuing animation and now wants to learn to code so he can create his own apps and "make millions."  More power to him. He is loving piano lessons. 

Anders has expressed an interest in Chemistry and "potions" and the other day he hauled out to the backyard with my Baking Soda and Vinegar to create volcanoes all over the place. 

Karsten recently went on a date with Dan and me to Boomers where he got to ride go karts, play miniature golf, and battle with us in bumper boats. He hasn't stopped talking about it. That date and his recent obsession with telling anyone who'll listen how much he dislikes dogs "that are mean and that bite" are all he talks about lately. 😊

Oskar is healing from a forehead confrontation with a metal doorframe on our vacation in Newport. He wears his wound proudly. He's also spending a lot of time in time outs these days as we struggle with this crazy obsession he has with antagonizing Jesper. He loves him "hard." 😩

Jesper is standing!  He'll pull himself up on things and then let go and just stand there. We all clap and cheer for him and he gets the cutest little proud expression then hams it up, basking in our praise. It looks so funny to see his little body just standing there, nonchalant, like a big person. He still won't take steps unless he's holding a finger; cautious little fella. 

Also, we spend all our free time with our best friends and Dan is helping the boys make their Pinewood Derby cars. Daniel and Sam get to come watch the boys race! (If they want to...I haven't actually told them yet that it's on the 28th...consider yourselves warned, you two! 😁).  We've been sick a lot through the winter (see the picture of boys with bowls), but we've been healthy for a couple of weeks and seem to be staying so. Apparently winter is not our friend.  :)

We love you all!!  See you soon!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One Year Ago

My thoughts are drifting toward heaven and this little man today. One year ago today, Elias died minutes, maybe even seconds, before he was brought out of his mother's (my best friend's) womb via emergency c-section. Full term, and perfectly healthy and vibrantly alive, he died when a knot in his cord cinched up tight and cut off his oxygen supply during the last few minutes of labor. It sounds so tragic - and it was (is) - but there is faith in this tragedy. And strength. The faith and strength of Elias' parents who know he made this choice himself; this was no accident. Who know he is serving as a missionary beyond the veil. Who know that families are eternal and Elias will forever be a part of theirs. Who know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for their family and wraps them up in love and tender care through the hardest parts of that plan, promising them the sweetest reunion to counter the heaviest of partings. I feel so, SO very blessed to have been able to cuddle this sweet little body, to have rested him atop his best friend, Jesper, who was just a month and a half shy of his own arrival here on earth. I like to imagine a hug and a high five and a "raise hell (good hell, of course)" shared with Jesper in passing as Elias briefly touched this earth, then marched back through the ranks of waiting spirits to take up his missionary placard, collect a companion, and embark on his mission for the Lord. One year ago today, that heavenly mission field gained a giant in Elias. You are missed, you chubby little man, but I can't wait to hear your mission stories of teaching those in heaven who never had the chance to learn of the gospel in its fullness here on earth. God bless you and your family. I love you. ❤️