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Monday, January 18, 2010

We are having . . .


We had the coolest ultrasound technician.  She drew sunglasses on our little guy for Buddha and Bugga so they could each have a cool picture of their baby brother from the doctor's office.  :D  We are so excited to have another boy!  We would have loved a girl, too, but we know boys.  We have boy clothes, boy toys, and boy everything!  I thought Buddha would be more disappointed that this baby isn't a girl since he's been so set on having a baby girl (he tells me we have too many boys already . . . who am I to disagree?).  But, he seems to be taking it all in stride and he's already named our baby Oskar, a name I've pitched to The Chief a couple of times in semi-jest and that Buddha took the initiative to decisively announce to our ultrasound technician.  Now we're just trying to involve him in the naming so he might come to realize that this child has not, in truth, been permanently christened yet.  Here's to little boys.  We love 'em!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The problem with DVR . . .

. . . is that not everyone's got it.  Try explaining that to a five-year-old who is dancing in front of his grandma and grandpa's tiny, old television set, suppressing the urgent need to pee while frantically demanding that his favorite cartoon be paused so he can take care of business without missing even a fraction of a second.  And, after you've said it's impossible and he gives up out of sheer necessity, dashing to happy relief at the toilet, try explaining upon his return that it's just as impossible to rewind and recapture what he's missed.  And then try to be patient while he proceeds to miss the next 10 minutes of said favorite cartoon to wail, pound his fists into the ground, and accuse all around him of foul play, swearing never to talk to any of us ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again, promising to sever our various familial relations: "You won't ever, ever, ever, ever be my mother!"

The world of a five-year-old must be so depressing.  It's a stage, right?  The DVR stage?