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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bagel Baby #5's Gender!


(pending a 20 week ultrasound that we are clearly too impatient to wait for)

... that we Bagels ...

... are ...

... having ...

... a ...







Reactions are mixed over here.  Karsten told everyone I was having a boy, but doesn't seem disappointed to be having a girl.  Soren says he's waiting for the 20 week ultrasound and crossing his fingers that it's really a boy.  Anders said disgustedly that he doesn't want any barbies around the house.  And Dan and I are just 1) grateful to be having a healthy baby and 2) grateful that there is not more than one in there (hooray for another homebirth!) and 3) sort of reeling from the differentness of it all.  A girl!  We don't know how to do girls!

I guess we will be learning pretty quick here!

UPDATE: It is not a girl.  :)  Click here for more.
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We had our annual ward trunk or treat tonight. The boys had SUCH a great time. It was different and better this year. Everything was outside, it was crisp and cool, lots of activity stations for all ages, tons of people, chili cook-off meant good food, corn bread, salads, etc. Oskar Skeleton cruised happily all over the place. Karsten Ninja (he calls himself a Ninjago and says his name is Jay) spent most of his time at the cake walk trying to win a cupcake. He also wore his good friend, Malia's, darling butterfly boots.  He loves them and has adopted them as his own since she left them at our house a few days ago.  We brought his flip flops along, too, in case she showed up and he could give them back, but, truth be told, I think he was kind of relieved when he found out they weren't coming so he wouldn't have to surrender those pink boots.  Soren Pumpkin Reaper and Anders Creepy Skeletor Dude were off doing their own things this year, chatting with friends, hitting up every single activity, winning prizes and candy. It was weird to realize that my two oldest are old enough now that I don't feel like I have to keep such a close eye on them. They were good about checking in every now and then, but they were thoroughly enjoying their freedom to roam. Anders also spent longer than anybody we know at that darn cake walk trying to win a cupcake. He finally succeeded, though I'm sure Dan was dizzy from watching him go round and round so many times.  The trunk or treat itself was great. The kids were so cute. One little tyke even came by and threw his garbage in my bucket of candy and left me busting up. Oskar stayed in the back of the van with me, trying to impale passers-by with Soren and Anders' scythe and sword, and helping pass out candy...by the handful. Those were some lucky kids who got to him before I refined his technique.  My favorite part of the night was when darkness committed itself and the marine layer started drifting over us in its bid for the east, wispy tendrils of ghostly white floating beneath the muted light of the street lamps in the parking lot.  I adore the marine layer.  It is one of my very favorite things about living in San Diego and on this ghoulish Halloween (or almost-Halloween) night, it performed beautifully to the theme provided by our little party of revelers.

Dan the Man hadn't yet seen the BYU game and was sure someone was going to ruin it for him, so he fashioned himself an appropriate Halloween costume to address this dilemma. Unfortunately, some upstart teen thought he'd be really funny and tell Dan the score. I think Dan may have made him pee his pants. Don't mess with Dan when it comes to his BYU football. No joke. :D

It's nice to be out and about again.  It's so nice to see my ward family.  These are dear friends that I love and have missed during my first trimester blah.  It's also nice to have the worst of this behind me as I face the upcoming holidays.  So very very nice.
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Toddler Sass

I was putting Karsten to bed tonight and, after finishing tucking him in, I said to him tenderly, "I love you, buddy, sleep well."


"I said, 'I love you, buddy.'"

He slowly turned his head, popped his thumb out of his mouth and replied, "I already told you...nothing." Like, duh, Mom, I already responded to you by saying nothing!

Sheesh, I'm so slow.
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Toddler Smarts

Today Karsten said to me, "Mom, when Baby goes to sleep for a nap, can we watch a movie?" I said, "No, buddy, you guys have been watching too much tv lately." He replied, gamely, "No, we only watch ONE tv." :D
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