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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Bed, New Room Arrangements

We got yet another new bed for the big boys. I swear we change beds every year or something. This time we needed a solution that would allow Karsten to fit in the room with them so that the guest bedroom could become a dedicated library/playroom. We couldn't get a bunk bed. We had already gotten rid of a great bunk bed because we installed a ceiling fan in their room to help during the summers (so necessary - that room is the hottest in the house during the summer) and we didn't want the top bunk occupant getting decapitated by a fan at night. :) And the room is too small to fit two separate beds and a pack 'n' play. So, we found this Ikea loft bed and thought it might just be perfect. And it is. And I have GREAT big plans for this bed. I'm going to paint all the blue panels with chalkboard paint and put up curtains for Soren below. I've already put up some Christmas lights that make it so cozy under there I almost want to kick Soren out and sleep there myself. :) Oh, and Soren did ask me if we could attach a small television. Say what?! I admit, I laughed in his face. Our kids will NEVER have their own TVs in their rooms. Ever.

Last night was the first time all three boys slept in the same room together (minus random and sporadic vacations, of course). And it worked like a DREAM! No one woke up until their usual time in the morning, and Anders even got Karsten out of his crib for me. Ahhhhh, this is the life! Let's hope round two is just as awesome. Before they went to bed, though, they got to read books - a new experience for Karsten. Usually we get him ready for bed and he goes straight into the crib and curls himself up around his Elmo, his Lego "Guy Guy," and his thumb. That's it. Not much of a bedtime routine, I know, but it works for him (and us). Last night, he got to read books before bed with the big boys. Oh man, I wish I had gotten a video of him running back and forth between Soren's bed (on the bottom) and the library down the hallway, gathering up a new book every 50 seconds or so, completely thrilled at his new-found "big boy-ness." :) It was darling. What fun! I love changing up my home.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mission Bay Outing

About a week ago, before the rains set in for these last few days, we decided to head over to Mission Bay for a nice walk.  My neighbor wondered how I would manage this with three little kids, all by my prego self, and I told her that I would simply embark on this adventure with NO expectations.  And I stuck to that.  And we had a wonderful time.  Karsten was in and out of the stroller every three minutes, on and off of his ride-on car every two.  There was LOTS of running free, scooter riding, wildlife exploration (mostly ducks :D), touching-of-nasty-stuff* (courtesy of Karsten), taking of goofy pictures, playing with fire (no really, the fire pit we happened upon still had a fire going in it), rolling in sand, acquiring of grass stains, throwing of rocks, collecting of shells (Anders), and jumping off anything and everything (Soren).  And all that was BEFORE we even got to the playground at the halfway point of our walk!!  We really had a great time.

*True story: I had no key chain hand sanitizer left after Karsten stuck his finger in the drinking fountain dispenser, played with a beer bottle mouth that he grabbed out of an ash tray, picked up duck poop to proudly show his mama, and rolled around on the ground.  Ew.  Gotta love boys.  :|

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Saturday, March 17, 2012