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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day - Liz

As usual, while one of us is addicted to the camera, the other has an aversion to taking pictures. And so, there are no pictures of me. Poor me. Just kidding. Actually, The Chief took quite a few pictures of Buddha guarding Santa's plate of goodies. I guess I'm just good at avoiding the camera. Especially when my hair looks as well-groomed as Santa's beard. So here is my Christmas picture. We went on a walk in the late afternoon and happened to catch this gorgeous San Diego Christmas sunset over the Pacific. Eat your heart out.

Christmas Morning - The Chief, Grandma & Grandpa

I don't know how we managed to luck out, but we did. We got to have Grandma and Grandpa with us this Christmas...all to ourselves! It was so great! Of course, we missed all our other family members, but it was really nice to have a cozy, quiet Christmas (especially with sick kids). Grandma and Grandpa were wonderful to share their Christmas traditions with us and to put up with our last minute shopping (we are the king and queen of procrastination). Grandma and Grandpa made us an awesome Christmas morning breakfast and kept us supplied with Christmas Bark (a really yummy toffee nut dessert made on top of a bed of saltines). Our boys love Grandma and Grandpa. In fact, this morning when Buddha woke up, he went straight to the guest room. But upon discovering its vacancy, he hurried back to our room where he proceeded to grill me, "Where's Grandma and Grandpa? Where are they? Where did they go?" I finally got him to calm down and told him that they had returned home to Arizona. As soon as I got that out, the waterworks started in earnest. Buddha was so upset that Grandma and Grandpa were gone that he just cried and cried. Big, salty tears rolling down his perfectly round little cheeks. He finally calmed down when he remembered he doesn't like the feeling of tears. He made me wipe them off with our bed sheet. How great is that? He loves his Grandma and Grandpa so much!

And, of course, The Chief. We got to have The Chief for Christmas. This was the best present of all. Gone are the days of skipping out at half day and taking off for an extended weekend on a whim. We got him for Monday and Tuesday and he went right back to work today. I cherished those two special days. I love The Chief. He is my man. Check out what Santa put in The Chief's stocking!

Grandpa gets in on the action.

Grandma watches while Buddha dives into his stocking.

Whiny Golfer's Pacifier

Yep, that will do perfectly!

Christmas Morning - Bugga

Because we had two sick kids for Christmas this year, things were pretty low key. Bugga was fairly mellow as he battled a cold and fever, but it looks like he still had a good time. He reserved no effort in digging through his stocking with Daddy's help, but he didn't open a single present belonging to him - Mommy had to open them all for him. He has enjoyed playing with the contents, he just wasn't interested in opening them. While Bugga may not have understood much of what was going on as far as Santa goes, he was enthralled by Buddha's enthusiasm. He spent (spends) all his time following Buddha around either giggling with him or fighting with him over Christmas presents. Bugga has also enjoyed all our Christmas decorations. He loves to point out lights and exclaim, "Dat!" And I'm sure he's tasted every one of the Christmas tree bobbles that he could reach (and they are all living on the mantle out of his reach now). I look forward to next Christmas with Bugga. It will be exciting. But this Christmas was a joy and I'll always love these pictures!

Thank you, Santa!

Checkin' out the booty.

Buddha exploring Bugga's treasure with him.


"Hey, what are you doing up there?"

Okay, this is for you people who don't think Bugga looks like The Chief. Look closely at this picture and think again. Bugga is a mini The Chief!

These are my Christmas treasures.

"Hmmm. Which one is better - the Raisin Bran box or the
wooden police car?"

Christmas Morning - Buddha

Buddha made out like a bandit this year. He must have been really nice because Santa sure had a bag full for him. Buddha got lots of stuff from his Christmas wish list that we mailed to Santa in the North Pole a few weeks ago. His two favorite toys so far are his stocking stuffer slinky and his "Cars" cars carrying case/race track that Grandma and Grandpa gave him. But even though those are his favorites, he still makes the round from one toy to the next. Today I've had more "free time" than I've had in a long time. I just listen to Buddha playing with all his new toys (and Bugga's new toys) in the other room. He's very content. It was fun watching him taking everything in this Christmas. He was definitely enchanted with Santa and his reindeer. He wanted to be involved in everything from pouring Santa a glass of milk to hanging up stockings with Grandma. He insisted that we put out not only carrots for the reindeer, but cheerios too. Buddha was definitely better at opening presents this year than last year. Daddy helped him last year, but this year he didn't need any help at all. In fact, we had to reign him in this year, practically tackling him in order to get him to take turns opening presents with his little brother.

Thank you, Santa!

Daddy helping Buddha pull stuff out of his cute stocking.

Digging deep.

"I know there's just gotta be something else way down here!"

Lovin' the slinky.

Breaking open a present.

Thank you, Unkey Dino!

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!

Thank you, Auntie, Ratchet, and Faces!

The aftermath.

Christmas Morning - Santa

He came!

He ate Christmas Bark (the best Christmas treat ever!) made by Grandma and a cookie courtesy of our home teachers!

He left an obvious trail of num-num's to Daddy's stocking!


...or in other words, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Definitely no mistaking Daddy's stocking!

His reindeer left a mess in our fireplace on their way out!

He left the goods for Buddha and Bugga!

Christmas Eve

While Christmas Eve day was a flurry of last-minute shopping, we did manage to settle down to a nice, cozy Christmas Eve (eve). Buddha and Bugga got to open one present each, Grandma recited "Twas the Night Before Christmas" for us, and we put out stockings for Santa to fill and cookies and milk for Santa to eat. Oh, don't forget carrots and ... yes, cheerios, for Santa's reindeer. Bugga and Buddha went down easily after the long day filled with activity, but Santa was definitely busy at our house Christmas Eve. It's a wonder he made it to anyone else's homes.

Buddha helping Bugga get his present open. And what could it be?

That's right, matching Santa jammies!
They're from Old Navy, Jacqui.

Grandma is a great story-teller!

Here she is bringing the story to life for us.

Here's Daddy and Grandpa listening respectfully and reverently.

Buddha was captivated and Bugga was...well, take a look...

...Bugga was Bugga.

Buddha helping Grandma hang our stockings.

Buddha guarding Santa's goodies.

I asked Buddha how reindeer smile. This is what I got.

And Santa? How does he smile?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

In Buddha's version of the song:

"Then one soggy Christmas Eve...."

He is astute for such a little guy. All he knows of Christmas-time weather is rain.

We Fell to the Elf...

After much persuasion, we have also succumbed to the latest elf trend. Our family has been turned into elves. Enjoy. :)

Merry Christmas!


Friday, December 21, 2007

My Cuddle Bug

Bugga is so cuddly. It's fun. As you can probably tell from the gross disparity, Bugga is a more willing snapshot subject than Buddha. So Bugga has been teething like mad for the past week and a half. At first (for a week or so), Bugga unleashed the teething beast on us. He was whiny and clingy and woke up all hours of the night. Now, he has really mellowed out and likes to cuddle and hug and, and, and he's just so cute! My favorite thing lately is that he'll walk over to me, turn around and back into my lap to sit and survey the scene before him for all of 30 seconds. Oh and my other favorite thing is that when he gets tired he'll come to me and just drape himself over me with his head relaxing on my shoulder. He's not afraid of missing something like Buddha always was. If there's a noise, he ignores it. He just likes to cuddle with Mommy and be held and loved. He is the complete opposite from Buddha in this respect. Buddha would always push away from you if you tried to hold him too close. He never rested his head because he always had to see what was going on. I must say, I hope all my babies are as cuddly as Bugga.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm Teething

Four molars and two other teeth. Yeah. It's bad. This is how my mommy feels.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Inspiration Captured

Ever since we got this new camera, I've been photo-journaling on another blog I started. It's been mostly for me, but I've noticed a few of my friends who share similar blogs with everyone. Since I really enjoy peaking at their creativity displayed through photography, I thought someone out there might also enjoy seeing what I've been up to with my new toy. I'm not saying I'm good or anything (far from it, actually), but I'd say that at least one in 300 pictures is a shot to be remembered and blogged. :) Enjoy the site and visit often! It's called A Beginner's Dream and there is also a link to it on our side bar.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Card Lane

Last night we went to a wonderland of lights and Christmas "cards" just a few streets away from us. Our friends, the Larsons, invited us. The neighborhood has been dubbed Christmas Card Lane and is widely appreciated for its large quantity of Christmas decor. There were people walking up and down the streets and lines of cars inching their way through the neighborhood. Residents of the area were gathered on their driveways, congregating around little portable fires. Bugga was mesmerized by the scenes and Buddha was delighted by both the lights and the company of his good friend, Coby. It was a fun night. Cold, but fun. My hands froze. It was worth it.

All decked out.

Card reads: "On Dancer. On Dasher. On Flasher!"

Bugga just checking out the action from his cozy little transport.

Coby, Buddha, and Rett.

My favorite.

Seriously. This is how I feel sometimes.

Card reads: "Four years learning how to fly...and for what?!"

How funny that the shark's word is peace. Can we say, oxymoron?

Coby and Buddha holding hands.

Card reads: "Looks like rain, dear."

Card reads: "It comes complete with the Checkin' it Twice 7.5 Upgrade Software Package."

Happy Holidays!

A bit of a stretch, but okay. I like dairy.

I just love Tweety Bird!

Ha ha ha.

Sesame Street spread with Buddha as the centerpiece.

Card reads: "Weesa Wishin' You A Happy Christmas."

Daddy and Bugga.

Here's Buddha being "elf-ed."

Of course, Christmas wouldn't be complete without an outdoor train track??

But Buddha and Bugga didn't mind the apparent lack of connection. They just liked the trains.

This was fun to happen upon some familiar carolers. They even took requests and before too long were singing Buddha's favorite, "Jingle Bells."

Poor Santa. These people were definitely naughty. Watch out for that flying lump of coal on Christmas morning!

Card reads: "Dec. 25"

Name this movie. :)

Let's just say it was a long walk with lots of lights and displays.

But, Bugga did awaken for the car ride home. I love these boys. They are just so cute and bright. They make me smile every day...the little buggers.