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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is no longer in Arizona.  Instead, its vast, magnificent girth occupies the space between The Chief and me on our new king-sized bed.  And we love it.  So the mattress and box springs arrived unscathed, but remember me mentioning our bad experience last week with this furniture company who tried to deliver our bed and frame in an open-bed pick-up truck in the middle of a rainstorm?  Well, turns out they tried to give us the same bed frame yesterday.  They just taped up the box (and I do mean yards and yards - and maybe miles - of tape), probably hoping all would be well inside.  But it wasn't.  Not by a longshot.  The frame was splintered beyond repair.  The Chief called the store, the store got the truck back to our house, and The Chief made sure that they understood we expect UNdamaged goods for our hard-earned money.  And when The Chief makes his expectations known, he does so with the full weight of his degree and work experience behind him (oh how I love having an attorney husband!).  :D  So, perhaps Thursday will be the day I'll have a picture for you of our long-anticipated (by us), fresh and sexy-sleek boudoir.  Perhaps.  At this point, I'm not crossing my fingers or holding my breath (due in no small part to the severly squished state of my lungs at the moment).

But that's all for now.  Time to go take advantage of our 80 degree weather and head out on a Sunday stroll at Balboa Park with my darling family.

Happy sleeping and Merry Valentine's Day!  ;)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Toooooooo FUNNY!

So just now I was having a conversation with The Chief about a woman we both know who he referred to as a philanderer - a term I was, until now, unfamiliar with.  So I asked him what it meant and he said, "You're sitting at the computer, Google it."  And I did.  And I spelled it with a "Ph" and he said mockingly, "Did you really just spell that with a 'Ph'?"  "Yes," I responded, a bit defensively.  "It's with an 'F', Liz."  So I dutifully, though dubiously, typed in Filanderer into a Google search.  And you know what popped up?  First of all, that little prompt that says Did You Mean to Type 'Philanderer'? *Neener neener*  And second came the Urban Dictionary definition of "Filanderer": one who walks around juggling three onions while maintaining a stark erection. 


First, this woman is definitely talented if she's able to maintain any type of erection.  And second . . . onions? AHH HA HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

The Chief couldn't even be embarrassed about his decisively incorrect spelling - we were too busy laughing harder than we've ever laughed before.  Oh.  Hee.  Ha.  That was the best.  I'm still coughing from laughing so hard.

Thanks Pops.  That was CLASSIC.

P.S. The definition of Philanderer is "to have casual or illicit sex with a woman or with many women; especially: to be sexually unfaithful to one's wife."

P.P.S. Yes, we were talking about a woman and yes, The Chief did use a male term for this woman.  What's up with that, Chief?

I'm so confused.  I know even less about our mutual acquaintance now, except that I'm not sure whether to call her a 'he' or a 'she'.  :D

Random Friday Thoughts

* Do we venture out because it's sunny or hunker down to make cards because it's Valentine's Day on Sunday?

* Spinach shakes are so yummy.

* I don't think we have mice anymore.  Not even in our garage.  I left some snacks out there for a month (unintentionally), and they haven't been touched.  Hooray!

* Crossing my fingers that all goes well with our bed delivery tomorrow.  Would hate for a repeat of last week's attempt.  I mean, come on, who delivers furniture in an open-bed truck during a rain storm?!

* Posting on our blog again is fun.  I didn't realize I missed it.  But I don't miss how neglected my house becomes in just one day of blogging and photo editing.

* Costco has some great food buys.  Have you tried their Coach's Oats Multi-grain Pancake Mix yet?  So yummy.  Or their real 100% fruit, fruit snacks?  Again, so yummy.

* Bugs just asked for seconds on the shake.  Bliss = watching your kids really ENJOY something with power veggies in it.

* Buddha, however, is wholly distracted by attempting to plaster a fruit snack wrapper on his forehead.  Focus, buddy, focus!

* Over-ripe bananas should be peeled before going in the freezer.  I've learned this the hard way, and now my hands hurt.

* The Chief and I aren't really holiday celebrators.  What's wrong with us?  Maybe we just need ideas for traditions we could adopt.  Let's start with Valentine's Day.  Seems appropriate for some reason.  :D  What traditions do you have for Valentine's Day?

P.S. Bugs just asked for thirds.  Anyone want the recipe?  :D

UPDATE 9:59am: Bugs just shuffled over to me with a formidable, green shake mustache and declared himself to be suffering from brain freeze.   Buddha, after asking for more shake, proceeded to sip for all of two minutes before declaring himself full.  Lovely.  Still want that recipe?  :D

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It was definitely time

Note the Alfalfa-reminiscent cowlick, the fauxhawk, and the scruffy ears:




It was definitely time for buzzes! Ahhhhh, so fresh and so clean, clean:




And a bonus . . . because the Buggster has irresistible eyes. My friend Miriam always asks him if he's managed to conquer any nations with those eyes.  I'll tell you what . . . this dictator is smitten.  :D


I Still Take Pictures

I do.  I really do.  Only not so avidly as I used to.  And sometimes I long to go on a walk somewhere, by myself, no kids, no obligations, and just take pictures of whatever catches my fancy.  I need to fall in love with photography again because somewhere between first trimester nausea, home renovations, and cranky, tantrum-throwing kids, photography became a chore, a duty, a drudgery.  And I miss loving it.  I miss reaching for my camera fifty times a day to catch this expression or that funny posture.  Thankfully, I feel the passion returning, but while my spirit is willing, my body protests.  My chubby little self can't keep up with my inspiration.  How can I be at once a congealed and growing mass of fat and feel as though I'm stretched thinner and skinnier than I've ever been?  I need my body to reflect my spirit in order to feel whole and complete.

Of course, it might be that what I actually need most is just to DO rather than wistfully DREAM.  Dust off the camera and charge up the batteries, get on the treadmill and fight the fat - move, act, DO - not just be.  I need to live, not just exist.  I need to MAKE myself the gorgeous starlet I am in my head.  :D

Okay, GREAT!  It worked.  My pep talk worked.  See ya later!  I'm goin' to get my camera.  Hasta la vista, Baby.

And here are a couple of gems as proof that my pointer finger still gets a rare workout now and then:

{A Bug in my blankets!}

{Buddha at Cabrillo Lighthouse}

Sunday, February 7, 2010


We took a little Sunday drive this evening and caught the sunset at Torrey Pines before meandering down the coast along the scenic route.  As we drove, Buddha and Bugga prattled on and on.  The topic: Inventions.  We discovered that Buddha has plans to invent a shrinkanator gun, an openator gun, a biganator gun, a healthyanator gun, and a Crocodile cloud.  The shrinkanator gun will make everything tiny - specifically our TV's so that robbers can't see them.  The openator gun will make the target able to open anything.  The biganator gun will make one big so as to scare off the robbers.  A healthyanator gun will enable one to become so healthy they can knock all the robbers to Florida.  And a Crocodile cloud will scare all the robbers away.  Do you see a recurring theme here?  How sad that one so small can feel so incensed about being robbed.  At least he's looking for solutions.  :D  Though we did manage to convince him not to send any robbers to Florida since we have family there (or Arizona, Utah, or Oregon, for that matter - sorry Unkey Dino, DC never earned immunity).  In the end, Buddha finally settled on Texas, a satisfactory resolution for The Chief who pronounced, "Yep, they'll know how to handle the robbers there."  Buddha also informed us that he would put a garbage can right where the robbers would land in Texas and would fill it with Brown Recluse spiders that are nice to good people and will only attack those unfortunate robbers.  As our drive took us over a bridge fording Mission Bay, Buddha promptly adjusted his brilliant invention repertoire to include a gun that will break a bridge only when robbers are crossing it and one that will fix it again after the poor robbers have fallen into the Bay and drowned.  At the times when we caught peak-a-boo views of the ocean, the talk of inventions would turn to guns to shoot Giant Octopuses.  Before Bugs nodded off, he managed to get a few words in edgewise in order to let us know his plans to make a tiny squid his pet and to create a Giant Octopus robot that will bash things.

The Chief and I just listened and laughed.  At one point The Chief tried to strike up a conversation with me, but Buddha wasn't having it.  So The Chief waited.  And when Buddha finally took a breath, The Chief couldn't remember what he'd wanted to say anymore.

I love these boys.  They are so imaginative.