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Friday, March 28, 2008

Melts My Heart

Token Easter Post...

...FINALLY! Geez, I can't seem to stay on top of everything right now. It's probably because I've got so many good books I want to read and when I start one, I can't be bothered to put it down for anything (i.e. returning phone calls, cooking meals, folding all the clean laundry that's piling up, getting out of bed, etc.). :)

Anyway, Easter was fun. It was really low-key. We just stuck around here all day and had an Easter egg hunt and dyed Easter eggs. Because it was so warm and because we had filled the Easter eggs with chocolate candy, The Chief had to keep the boys occupied while I ran out and hid all the eggs in any shady spots I could find in our backyard. Then I darted back inside, collected the boys, and herded them quickly toward the melting treasure.

Dying Easter eggs was hilarious. There's a video record of that event. I had seen somewhere (blog, website, newspaper article....) that every Easter a couple would put their stripped-down kids into a bathtub to dye eggs. We tried it and the cleanup was so simple I think I'll do that every year! The boys had a great time.

On Wednesday we had our CTR 5 class come over for an Easter cookie decorating party. With my kids participating as well, we managed to cover all our bases this Easter, even though we only started preparing on Saturday night! Hooray for procrastinators! :)

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your Easter posts/updates and I'm excited to finally add my own to the mix. Now that Easter is over, we are eagerly looking forward to General Conference (hoping to keep the kids occupied enough that we can watch more than the one talk we managed last year) and our big two-week trip to Utah. I have found myself calling my Utah family more often because I'm so excited to go that my heart is already there.

Oh, which reminds me, WELCOME HOME UNKEY DINO!! My brother, Unkey Dino, came home from Iraq just this week. And from what I understand (though this is subject to change depending on the availability of cute girls here in the States), he's home for good. My boys are especially excited to see Unkey Dino. I can't wait!

Okay, peace out (I haven't said that in a long time...brings back memories). :)

Photo by The Chief

Photo by The Chief

The Hunt

Eating the Booty

Dying the Eggs

For a few more fun Easter images, click here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crazy, Sexy Cancer Blog

This blog is amazing. And I wish I could eat the way this post outlines. I think I'll work on it. This is the way my mom eats. It's always been amazing to me that she can do this in the world we live in - a world of packaged, processed foods. I've tried this before and it's simply not easy. I want to try again and do it slowly. Anyway, I just love this blog. It's full of positive, uplifting messages and conversations. Some things don't apply to me, but I like gleaning whatever I can from her. She is an amazing person.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

For Heather and Jacoby

Hi guys! We hope you're having fun in Europe and we thought you might like a little peek at the boys. We're having a great time with them. Buddha loves having a "built-in" friend that's here when he wakes up every morning. He's going to be sad when you guys come back to take the boys home. :)

Rett has been kind of clingy. He's definitely missing his Mommy and Daddy. So, we opened the special books you made for the boys. Those are awesome, Heather! Rett has been carrying his around and plopping down in random places to look at it several times a day. I hear him softly saying, "Mommy, Daddy, Rett." He's so cute! We've been having fun getting to know him better. He's a riot. We think it's so hilarious and adorable that he hums his way through every meal. And every day as he plays I hear him saying, "Ee Ah Ee Ah Yo!" He says it really fast, over and over again. He's a little character, and very cuddly. We've been giving him lots of hugs and kisses, but he'll be glad when you're back, I'm sure.

Coby is a lot of fun, too. He and Buddha pal around all day like they're twins. And they often fight like they're siblings, too. :) I finally confiscated the two ride-on cars that we have in the house. They were the source of so much strife between all the boys, so they are currently residing in the back of your van. :) Coby is full of lots of fun suggestions. We've been to the park on his recommendation and we've read countless books. He amazes me with his potty skills. Buddha doesn't even dress himself yet and Coby can do everything by himself! It's made me realize I need to foster more independence in Buddha. :)

Well, like I said, we're having a great time. Our ward is having a talent show tonight that we're hauling all the boys to. I think it'll be fun. There's a little video at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! You are loved by your little men. :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Trust Issues

When we give Buddha a sippy cup with water at bedtime, he always shakes it before taking the first sip. I guess he wants to make sure there's actually something in there. I think he might also be testing how much is in the cup. It's all very practical and scientific. His deliberate personality cracks me up.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm all over the place today!

Here's some funny, sad, amusing, productive, cool things that I have on my mind today.


This morning I got a text message on my phone:
"Happy 40th Birthday! Loves and hugs. Julie."

I felt so bad that I just had to reply:
"Wrong number. Sorry."

And she returned my message:
"Real funny."

I'm thinking, "Wow, this lady really believes that I'm a mid-life crisis, in-denial, "black" birthday avoider. So, I called her. This is how she answered:

"Still in my 30's, how can I help you?" Oh I laughed and she laughed and we laughed together...until she finally accepted that I wasn't her precious, over-the-hill, Marianne. Then she was all-too quickly hanging up. I wish she was younger. We could be good friends. I could use her sense of humor in my life. :)

2 -

I've lost all my beach pictures that I took of the boys and The Chief at Torrey Pines. They are no longer on my computer or my external hard drive. I'm devastated. So devastated, in fact, that after my fruitless search on the computer, I headed for the backyard with my gloves, shovel, and angst. I now have two huge piles of succulents to put in the green waste bins and a lovely, bare cement wall for my vegetable garden. No more choking plants for my veggies! Moral: anxiety and grief breed productivity. At least in this instance.

3 -

We have the coolest landlords ever. Our garage door broke, so not only do they fix it, but they install a brand new, top-of-the-line garage door with windows and a new opener too. And, they've just had the whole exterior of the house repainted. And, they scheduled an entire home termite inspection. Maybe these are things that all landlords do, but I maintain that ours are the coolest.

4 -

We are now watching our good friends, the Larsen's, boys for a week until they get back from Europe. On our way to pick them up from another family, Buddha was holding the last wedge of his quesadilla. He said he would eat it in the car, but after 15 minutes or so, I asked him if he'd like me to hold it for him. He hesitated then said, "Be careful that you don't eat it." Ha ha ha! He cracks me up. Probably only me, but that's enough. I need more laughter. Especially today.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More videos...

...because lately, I'm too lazy to write. Okay, the truth is that there really isn't anything exciting to write about. Besides the fact that spring has arrived in San Diego and I've been taking full advantage. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is to be able to head out to my backyard wearing my bathing suit and carrying a large beach towel, feeling the warm cement under my strangled, winterized feet. When I lie down and start the timer, the sun is immediately drawn to my black bathing suit and before two minutes have passed I'm feeling the heat...and I love it. I love the blazing light of the sun as I see it through my eyelids. I love the sounds and smells of spring represented by thousands of tree blossoms and fresh grass clippings, lawn mowers and neighborhood kids playing in a distant backyard, cocky teenage boys washing the family cars, chlorine and coconut sun block permeating the warm, tropical air. I love the low, steady hum of the bees that feast at our hilly wildflower mecca. I love the quiet that is peaceful, but not silent. I love the joy I can't contain as my body reawakens with the warmth of the sun. I love spring. And, yes, I love a good tan as well. I won't lie.

Mumbo-jumbo aside...here's the really good stuff:

This is Buddha and Bugga helping Daddy read them their bedtime story.

This is Buddha and Bugga brushing their teeth. Very entertaining...seriously. :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Book Tag From Lauren


Find the book closest to you with at least 123 pages.
Turn to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next 3 sentences.
Also make a plug about a book you are reading.
Tag 5 people.

The book closest to me is I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. It says, "But it startled mother badly the other night. I think I'll just ask them not to, if I can catch them." Simon went to the door and opened it.

Here's my plug:

I am currently reading The Writing on the Wall by Dean Hughes. It continues the story of the Thomas family from his original World War II era series called Children of the Promise. I like his books because they are very well-researched historical fiction novels. Sometimes history is a little boring to me by itself, but if I can imagine an every-day, regular old Joe like me as part of that history, then I become more interested and engaged. That is what Dean Hughes as a writer offers to me as a reader.

I tag Laurie, Wendy, Brooke, Lisa F. and Megan.