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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Iraqi Lions' Den

Buddha gave his talk in Primary today. He talked about the story of Daniel in the lions' den and how it teaches us to be obedient and have faith. First, though, he opened with a few words about how reading the scriptures can help us return to Heavenly Father (since that's the Primary theme this month). Then I started to read what we'd written so that he could repeat after me. Here's how it went:

Me: "I love the story of Daniel in the lions' den."

Buddha: "I love the story of Unkey Dino in the lions' den."

Me: "No, Buddha, not Unkey Dino, just Daniel."

Buddha: "I love the story of Unkey Dino in the lions' den." (stubborn little bugger)

I love him. He's always making me laugh. Later on, I found out that on their way to church, he told The Chief he was giving a talk in Primary about Unkey Dino in the lions' den. Well, I guess being in Iraq could be considered its own type of lions' den. :) We can't wait for you to get out of that lions' den and come home next month, Unkey Dino! We love you.


Kari said...

Thats funny :) How fun his first primary talk. How is the primary calling going? I bet your fabulous at it.

Laurie said...

Soooo cute, Liz!!

scott and megan said...

How cute! He cracks me up! I love his stubborn streak.

Lindsey said...

Soren is so entertaining!

Brooklet said...

That must be Soren's spin on the scripture to make it more personal. I love it! Great job, Soren.

Barbara & Morris said...

It is great that you are writing this great stuff down on your blog because you will always remember it. Just came across a site where you can have your blog made into a book...how neat is that..Jounaling for the "New Generation".
Fondly, B.

The Wirthlin Family... said...

Love it! How cute is Soren?!?

Mom and Dad said...

Soren makes church time very entertaining. I like his take on the scriptures.