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Saturday, March 15, 2008

For Heather and Jacoby

Hi guys! We hope you're having fun in Europe and we thought you might like a little peek at the boys. We're having a great time with them. Buddha loves having a "built-in" friend that's here when he wakes up every morning. He's going to be sad when you guys come back to take the boys home. :)

Rett has been kind of clingy. He's definitely missing his Mommy and Daddy. So, we opened the special books you made for the boys. Those are awesome, Heather! Rett has been carrying his around and plopping down in random places to look at it several times a day. I hear him softly saying, "Mommy, Daddy, Rett." He's so cute! We've been having fun getting to know him better. He's a riot. We think it's so hilarious and adorable that he hums his way through every meal. And every day as he plays I hear him saying, "Ee Ah Ee Ah Yo!" He says it really fast, over and over again. He's a little character, and very cuddly. We've been giving him lots of hugs and kisses, but he'll be glad when you're back, I'm sure.

Coby is a lot of fun, too. He and Buddha pal around all day like they're twins. And they often fight like they're siblings, too. :) I finally confiscated the two ride-on cars that we have in the house. They were the source of so much strife between all the boys, so they are currently residing in the back of your van. :) Coby is full of lots of fun suggestions. We've been to the park on his recommendation and we've read countless books. He amazes me with his potty skills. Buddha doesn't even dress himself yet and Coby can do everything by himself! It's made me realize I need to foster more independence in Buddha. :)

Well, like I said, we're having a great time. Our ward is having a talent show tonight that we're hauling all the boys to. I think it'll be fun. There's a little video at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! You are loved by your little men. :)


Mom and Dad said...

Nice pictures. How would you like to have four boys!? Wow, that's a ton of energy packed in your place for a few days. Big families are fun though.

Jacoby Larson said...

Thank you so much for posting those pictures of our boys. It sure looks like a full house over there. We couldn't get the audio on the video here at this internet cafe, but it sure was fun to watch. You guys are great. See you in a few more days.

Jacoby Larson said...

We finally got the audio working and that was awesome! I esp. liked that Soren loves and misses us more than Coby:)

Tiffany said...

You guys are such good friends, such cute kiddos!

Laurie said...

Wow, four little boys, holy cow, I am impressed! It looks like you have everything under control!

Melissa said...

Wow what a crazy time with four boys- you are super nice to watch them all. Can you do that for me next? It will be 4 boys and it will be fun again!!

Barbara & Morris said...

What fun you must be having you crazy lady!!!
The phrase.."Never a dull moment" come to mind when I think of you:)
Fondly, B.
PS.Happy St.Paddy's Day

Anonymous said...

This is great to see that the boys are having fun! I guess it's not always fun for you though!!! I doubt I would be as good as you with 4 boys of the same age!
Can't wait to see you all!

Brooklet said...

hands full~ Too cute!

Lisa said...

So Liz.. how is it with four? I am sure you have your hands full. It looks like good times for your boys. I love the picture of Dan reading the bedtime story with all four boys. So isn't it about time for you to have a little girl..just joking.

ScottnLisa said...

The little picture in the tub is my favorite. It reminds me of adults in a hot tub having a party. Your boys must love the company.