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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pee and Toothbrushes . . .

. . . two words that should never be part of the same sentence.  Unfortunately for Anders tonight, they were.  As Dan and I obliviously watched the American Idol finale, our rapscallion boys apparently snuck out of bed and off to the master bathroom to "do their worst."  Once their disobedience was discovered by my expert reconnaissance, Dan and I strategized and conspired to jump from the shadows and startle our kids, thus making them never want to leave their beds again.  Upon execution of our brilliant plan (which very nearly caused Soren to experience a mild myocardial infarction), their worst, their most dastardly deed, was revealed.  Anders - sweet, innocent, kissable Anders - was tagging along behind Soren, contentedly munching on a spare toothbrush that I had, just today, used to fervently scour Soren's generous pee-pee accident from my flip-flops.



weplusthree said...

Ewwwwwww! Did you tell him?!? Or just silently let your stomach turn over and over? You didn't even report what they were doing... certainly not deserving of having to chew on a pee pee tooth brush!

vanessa joie said...

hahaha... SICK!