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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow in San Diego!

And I don't mean San Diego County; I mean right here in our front yard!

We have a house full of sick people and, after being cooped up for a whole week, we were going stir crazy.  So, we did what any considerate sick people would do, we avoided the masses and went for a drive, getting out, but not infecting anyone else.  However, we knew we needed a destination, so we headed for the high country and, rumor had it, snow.  Driving East out the 8, it wasn't long before we had climbed to 4,000 feet and found it coming down hard.  So we exited and hopped out of the car for a little romp in the fluffy white powder.  (Okay, if we're being honest here - and we like to be honest here - it wasn't fluffy or powder, but it was white and CO-OLD to boot! :D)  See how well-prepared we San Diegans are for snow?


But, but, but, but!!!

Here's the real shocker!  When I got home from running a few errands tonight, this is what I found right outside our front door!  At (and I am quoting The Chief here) "pretty dang close" to sea level!!  You can't see it so well on the grass or the garbage can lids, but check out our neighbor's car parked in front of our house!  Yes folks, it snowed in San Diego.


Daniel said...

Yea for snow! I haven't seen any of that stuff in a year.

Vee said...

Are you kidding?!! This is the first I've heard of this. Our house must be 'at sea level', so we misssed out. It sure seems cold enough to snow! See what happens when you sick people leave the house? DON'T DO IT AGAIN!

Brooklet said...

Yeah for a little bit of snow! Here in Alabama if we get snow they usually cancel school, even if it is half an inch. We have had a couple of snow days this year and it just makes me happy (because I don't have to drive on it)