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Monday, March 14, 2011


I was cuddling with my Buggster in bed this morning.  He whispered to me that he didn't like my morning breath right by his face, so, chuckling, I turned to face the ceiling.  Buddha Boy was hopping around the bed, chattering away at us.  I interrupted him to ask why he had come running into my room early this morning, frantically demanding to know what it was I had called out (I hadn't made a peep).  He couldn't remember doing this and started to get upset about the fact that he is currently the only one in the family that we know sleep walks.

Buddha: "Why am I the only one who sleep walks?!"

Bugga: "I'll sleep walk with you, Buddha."

Me, cuddling my little guy closer to me, kissing him, and speaking into his ear: "Awwww, what a sweet brother you are!"

Bugga: "Uh, Mom?  Remember what I said."

Apparently I've passed along my sensitive olfactory system.  I hate morning breath, too.

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Daughter of Eve said...

In our family, we call it "dragon breath." And my kids are pretty blunt about it, too.