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Monday, August 15, 2011

Pip's New Quirks and Milestones

Pip has the best sad face.

Our little Pipilo is walking all over the place now.  It took him the longest of our three boys, Buddha and Bugga both starting at 10 months. But then, Buddha skipped crawling completely and Bugga was a lot skinnier than our chunky Pipster.  It's so fun to see him totter about on his solid, stubby legs.

But my favorite thing about him at almost 14 months is his growing cognizance.  He is becoming more interactive and can remember things and repeat them.  Here are some examples:

- When I put my pointer finger to my lips and say "shhhhh," he'll stick his pointer finger right into his mouth like a lollipop and blow air around it.

- If I ask him, even out of the blue, to do the elephant sound for me, he puckers up his lips and does an air zerber.

- He loves repetitive projects and is very visibly proud of himself when he completes them and we all clap.

- He likes to give people high fives.

- He says "woah," and "down," and "hi" (with whatever he's got in his hand being held to his ear).  And he says all these in appropriate and applicable moments.  He even cries "owwww" when he's been hurt.

- He does the sign language sign for milk when he wants to nurse, only he does it with the hand attached to the thumb that is being vigorously sucked on in his mouth.  Actually, sometimes he does it with both hands.  It's really cute.

- Once on my lap, after conveying the desire to nurse, he'll fling himself to his preferred side and look up at me expectantly.  I love it.  He's such a ham.

- He's still one of the most smiley babies I've ever known.

- He's super ticklish everywhere, but especially up and down his back/spine.  I love tickling him there because it makes him bury his face in my shoulder while he giggles away.  I like cuddling any way I can get it.  :)

- He DOES NOT like loud noises like lawn mowers and garbage trucks make.  He startles very easily and any time he hears something like that, he double-times it to my side, crying all the way.  Poor kid.

- He gives open mouth kisses with his tongue sticking out.  Mmmm . . . wet and slobbery.  Just the way I like it. :)

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