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Monday, January 30, 2012

Aunt Susan

A few weeks ago, Aunt Susan came to visit. She's been living in Colombia for almost two years now (!), teaching at a Catholic private school there. We miss her former proximity since she has moved on from Huntington Beach. Not that we saw her frequently or regularly, just that we always knew we could if we wanted to (bad attitude, I know). But I digress. Before she came home for the Christmas holidays, she sent out an email to all her siblings letting them know that she was more than willing to babysit the nieces and nephews she's been missing, allowing her siblings and their spouses a chance to have a little three-day getaway. Dan and I were THRILLED at that chance!!

As it happens, though, when our turn came we just couldn't do it. First, we had no idea where to go for three days. Second, ever since I went to Time Out For Women in Phoenix last November, Karsten has been the most clingy little dude you'll ever meet! And I'm not exaggerating in the least. He'll burst into tears whenever someone rings the doorbell and I get up to answer it. He thinks I'm leaving. If I go to the bathroom, he'll wander his way through the house, checking all the bedrooms and living areas until he finds me. He follows me around the house every minute of every day. I just knew that if I left for another three days, whatever progress we may have made since last November (which doesn't seem like much, does it?) would be shot to smithereens.

So we invited Susan to just stay and play with us. And we had the best time! Dan is the youngest of 10 kids and I've never had the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with Susan and really get to know her. As it so happened, though, Dan felt sick the first night Sue was here and begged off early, so I got her all to myself. And we gabbed it up beautifully until midnight or so. I could have probably kept talking all night if the responsible (and considerate) part of me hadn't insisted on at least some sleep for the both of us.

But the most remarkable part of her visit was how Karsten just LOVED her!  I mean, what's not to love about Susan, right?  But usually he's so wary of strangers and clings to his mama.  Lo and behold, my little shy guy simply adored Susan and warmed right up to her so quickly. I shall dub her "The Anxiety-Riddled Toddler Whisperer." (Ummm . . . meaning that the toddler is anxiety-riddled, not the whisperer.  Got it?)

Susan plans to come back to the States, specifically her former stomping grounds just north of us, this spring. WE CANNOT WAIT!  We love you, Aunt Susan!  Thanks for spending a great four days with us!

Oh, and of course Soren and Anders had a great time with Susan, too, but that was always a given.  They absolutely LOVE her.  Here are some pictures Soren took with his new camera Santa left for him Christmas morning.  ;)

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lindsey said...

Fun, fun, fun! Happy that the boys got to be around their Aunt and that you and her got some good catch-up time. (And love the ultrasound pics in the background...time for a belly pic??? YOU KNEW I was going to ask!)

Anonymous said...

Liz!!!!! I can't believe it has taken me days to get online and read this. You know I had an amazing time with all of you, too. You are an incredible family and such a great example to me. I miss you all, especially my new little buddy Karsten. Love you all!!!! Susan