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Thursday, March 14, 2013

SSA Revisited

Bright and early this morning, off to the SSA we went.  As a family.  A lovely little family outing.  Fuzzy kitties and brown paper packages, warm woolen mittens (or . . . um . . . light breezy t-shirts?) and all that jazz. La-di-da.  Hi-di-ho.

We pull onto the street where the building is located and Soren shoots out of his seat frantically yelling about needing to throw up.  Dan pulls over to some bushes and Soren hurtles himself out of the car just in time to lose his stomach over some lovely, unassuming So Cal shrubs.

Two+ hours, two dead iPhone batteries, one schooled SSA official (thanks Lawyer Dan), one stir-crazy toddler, and one super fussy baby later ... Oskar is legit.  He now rests comfortably on our defunct government's radar.  But hey, at least we'll get another thousand or so back for it.  Thanks little dude, rest assured it will go toward diapers, books, clothes, education, and your future mission.  :)

Note to self for next time:

Birth certificate and blessing certificate are most definitely enough documentation (along with current parental I.D.).  Ignore objections from clueless SSA officials to the contrary.  Make them check their own website.  Apply smug gloating face when they realize they are wrong and you are right.  Chalk it up to aforementioned defunct government.  Swear to yourself for the three millionth time that you will raise children that can help rescue our poor citizenry from inane government run-around and lines and lines and waiting, waiting, waiting.

You know how Babies 'R' Us has front row parking for pregnant mothers?  Well, government agencies should offer preferred services to mothers with children in tow.  I'm just sayin'.  I think everyone would be happier, not just mom.  :)

Until next baby, SSA!  Hasta la vista.
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