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Saturday, February 22, 2014

How We Do Flu

So, after about three weeks now of someone (and eventually everyone) in our family having the flu, we've been properly stirred crazy in this sick house!  Today I declared to my little lung hackers that we would be going to the beach to convalesce in the sunshine and fresh air, soaking up some vitamin D without risking making anyone else sick.  Poor Dan is only just starting down this fluey road, but allowed himself to be hauled along after I swore up and down that I'd be the one chasing the kids through the water.  Boy did I get a workout.  I had no idea Oskar was so fearless and if I'd been wearing a swimsuit like I ought to have been, I'd have let him tumble about in the waves a bit more to learn some healthy respect for the ocean.  Little bugger was dashing back to the water every time I turned around for a second.  I even fell once myself in my haste to reach him before he reached the waves after I let myself be distracted by one of the other boys.  That was embarrassing - large prego lady flopping to her hands and knees as her nudey toddler giggles gleefully on his way to the water, leg rolls jiggling with his quick but lumbering strides.  The child is incorrigible.  Anyway, we had a great time together.  We only spent a couple of hours there this time, but Anders managed to soak himself from head to foot, then roll all through the black sand, then take another long soak.  Soren and Dan tossed the football and frisbee to each other.  Karsten dug around in the sand happily by himself for the longest time before finally joining Mom and Oskar in the water to jump some waves.  The air smelled so good and fresh and the sun was lovely when it peeked out from behind the high clouds.  Sometimes I hate "winter" in San Diego and sometimes I love it.  Today, I loved it.  Here's a quick video of our fun little excursion.  Now if only we can get better and STAY BETTER!  :)

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