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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mission Bay Monkeys

After being cooped up inside for too long, we finally got the boys out of the house this last Saturday. We wanted to try to beat the heat by being near the ocean, but we didn't want to actually go to the beach. We knew it would be packed and I'm kind of sick of cleaning up sand. We need an outdoor shower. :)

Anyway, we took ourselves down to Mission Bay and let the kids play at the park to the tune of some really loud seadoos and jet skis recreating on the bay nearby. Soren happily accepted my phone when I asked him to make us another Cameo. I love these little videos!

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Marcia said...

Too cute. So glad we got to see a little of Soren, too. Loved the feet shots. Cold here--need sun and sand. Send some soon!

lindsey. said...

Pregnant Liz on a teeter-totter! Oh, you are so adorable, my friend. Seriously. I watched this and wondered if you know how lovely you are. You are pure sunshine!! XOXO!
14 days!