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Monday, July 14, 2014

Jesper's First Photo Shoot (and some videos)

Introducing . . . three-week-old Jesper!  Tomorrow he will be three MONTHS old.  Doh.  Am I on the ball or what?  Anyway, I remember this like it was yesterday.  Dan gave me three or four blessed hours one morning and Jesper and I locked the bedroom doors and got to work.  He snoozed to the drone of my hair dryer while I scooted all around, clicking away, trying not to drip buckets of sweat all over my sleeping babe.  I love this baby boy.  After a couple of weeks of unknowingly starving Jesper, followed by two months of super hard work reestablishing a nursing relationship, we are pretty much attached at the hip.  He is the only baby I've ever known to have separation anxiety at the ripe old age of two and a half months. And I'm totally fine with that.  I adore him and am already feeling like I need to soak up every minute of babyness since we will most likely only be having one more after Jesper.  Honestly, I don't like to think about being done.  I can't wrap my head around not ever having another baby in the house.  I love my babies fiercely.

Also of special note are the two photo props gifted to me by my dearest Amandy and her mum.  I love the little newsboy cap and the cocoon, you two beautiful women.  Thank you so much for making Jesper that much cuter for his photographic debut.

And here's what Jesper looks like now in his ripe old age.  He's now weighing in at about 12.5lbs. which is in the 24th percentile (yay, good job little man!) and I have no clue how tall he is except that after the pediatrician measured him, she said he is in the 94th percentile for height!  He's our little bean pole, long and lean!  It's hard to believe we have one of these skinny babies after four super chunks, but I love every inch of his skinny little body and I especially love what I call his skinny jowls.  :D

Also, he's the spitting image of Anders.  Which is kind of funny because he was our skinniest before Jesper.  Behold (Anders on the left, Jesper on the right):

And here is some video of our cute, happy, non-starving boy.  :)

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Erin said...

He's amazing! And I love the one of him and Oskar!

lindsey. said...

He's just perfect. And the pics of Jesper & Oskar Manatee??!! Oh, my heart!

Ashley said...

So adorable, Liz! Also Happy Birthday yesterday. I hope you got throughly spoiled by all your handsome boys.

Katie Pinch said...

He is adorable and beautiful photos.