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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I keep sending emails to random people about this website. So, in an effort to save time, I'm just going to write my laud and praise for the website here on our blog and hope that you are all reading diligently. :)

Goodreads is a website where you can add, rate, review, and store books online. Let me see if I can clarify that. I signed up, then I added any books I could remember I'd read, I rated them, and I wrote reviews for some of them. Then I added friends and I got to see their books: what they'd read, what they were reading, what they wanted to read. I can add whatever books from their lists I want to my own lists. This ensures that I never again will forget which books I've heard great things about and want to read.

Now, if that paragraph with multiple "reads" in it didn't sink in, go back and read it again. :) At first I was not here or there about the website. I got invited and I signed up thinking it would be another website that had my information but that I didn't use. Not so. I'm addicted. I'll never run out of good titles to read thanks to my friends who've already joined. So, please join up so that I can see what you're reading and what books you've loved!


Happy Reading!


Mike & Lauren said...

Liz, I finally signed up this week and I searched the friend database for you name but couldn't find you. How are you listed?

suzi said...

I am totally addicted as well. I have been reading a lot lately and it's so fun!

The Wirthlin Family... said...

I just heard about this website last week. Very cool! Loving all the new posts! When are you guys coming out here?!?

Melissa said...

Yup- I love good reads, I just wish I read more. What is your e-mail for it? Or you can just add me- melnye@gmail.com

Robert & Jacqui said...

Fun! I'll have to go sign up. It this a new website? I've gotten a few email invites as well this week!