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Friday, January 16, 2009


Disclaimer: I throw my hands in the air with regard to my pictures.  I normally upload them to Photobucket first, but this time I uploaded them straight to my post.  And, with the exception of my one, large picture that I did upload to Photobucket first, they all look horrible and gritty.  I can't explain it and I'm too tired to start over.  So, embrace the gritty faces. :)


Anders calls coins, "poins."  I love it.

The other day I took a potty break.  Normally I don't close the door when I use the restroom. We're a pretty open family.  But I needed two seconds to myself, so I closed the door and locked it. Naturally, upon encountering the irregular barred entry, both boys set about pounding the obstruction and yelling for me to let them in. Soren got bored and left.  It grew quiet.  Then Anders' jubilant, little voice erupted from behind the door, "Look Mom!  It's in my toes!"  "What is in your toes," I asked?  "The door," he replied!  I looked over to see his little foot wiggling and worming its way under the door.  Get it?  The door was in his toes.  Okay, maybe it's not that funny, but it cracks me up.

So, here's what we've been up to lately:

Car show.

Yeah!  That's a Herbie!

Park.  Dan and I took the boys to the new-and-improved park by our house.  We brought soccer balls, a frisbee, a kite, and snacks.  We spent a fantastic Saturday afternoon as a family.  Very, very fulfilling.  I love my precious family.


Zoo.  I took the boys to the zoo yesterday.  We had a great time with our friends.  I happened to catch something on video that I'd never heard/seen.  Have you ever heard a turtle's voice before?

Draw your own conclusions about their "activity."  
I'm no turtle expert, but it seems fairly clear to me.


Marilee said...

Wow, I can't believe you went to the park in January!! We are in -25 degree temperatures, and you guys are playing at the sunny park. Sigh. I think it's great you can do fun things like that year round!

Barbara said...

I love the car show pictures of the boys laying over the tires of the BIG trucks...I love how you "think" up these great poses...You really "see" the world differently through the lens of a camera don't you?
You have a real talent.
Now about the turtles...WOW I would not have imagined the kind of sound they were making.. but then for the activity, MAYBE!!!

Scott and Megan said...

um yeah, that definitely was not piggy back- or leap frog- or whatever that lady said.

Alicia said...

Looks like the kids had a great time at the car show! That is so cute about the door getting his toes, and the "poins". I love how kids make up their own words.

Marcia said...

Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed it immensely. Love those boys. You guys are doers, making lots of memories.

Brooklet said...

You are way to hard on yourself about the pics- I thought they looked lovely.

Katy Truman said...

I love the car show pictures!! My boys love Herbie too! The day at the park also looked fun. You guys are such good parents!! Hope all is well :)

Don and Amy Bennion said...

I remember going to your house for the first time and being amazed at how many toy cars your boys had...now after knowing you and Dan a while, I see that cars are a big thing for you--how fun! That car show looks awesome. It's fun to see Heather and Jacoby's kids in those pics too. How fun that you still hang out alot. No fair!:)


K said...

Dang. Your fabulous exposures. Dang, dang, dang.

provobaileys said...

well we love car shows at our house. the kids spend the whole time getting in and out of cars, it is like a game for them. As for the turtles, well nothing like having to teach our boys about the facts of life. Forget the birds and the bees, talk to them about the turtles under the tree.

Ranisa said...

Grainy? Only a photographer would notice. I am so going to have to make some turtle noises...

Liz said...

Ha ha ha! You have fun with that, Ranisa...I'm sure you will! :)