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Friday, October 9, 2009


No, not the kind you run away from screaming and clutching your EpiPen. Unless, of course, you're "mom" to this type of beehive and it [she] happens to be hormonal. Then you might be running away at top speeds, frantically herding the rest of your family to safety in front of you. :D

I was asked by the Beehive class at Church to come and do a photography presentation. I was honored, but quite at a loss. I've never been formally trained. What do I know about teaching photography? So my friend, Kim, came over and pretended to be a Beehive and asked me all sorts of photography-related questions which got my juices flowing.

It didn't matter. I cringe to remember that evening. I sped too quickly through all my topics, stumbling my way through technical explanations I'm not qualified to coherently explain, and found myself staring awkwardly and expectantly into the beautiful, thoughtful, but unresponsive faces in front of me. I begged them to ask me questions. A couple complied. Short, sweet questions. And that was that. Too much time left! So, I asked if they had remembered to bring their cameras. They had. And that's when I turned them loose on the Church building and unsuspecting Boy Scouts meeting in the outside pavilion. They came back with an eclectic collection of images, only a few of which were composed properly as per my poorly-taught "rules of composition." In the end, I sighed and washed my hands of the whole affair, resigning myself to an acknowledgment of my inadequate teaching skills, grabbing my camera, and soothing my woes by clicking away happily with the girls.

In the end.

Which basically means that I stressed out way too much and ended up having a great time after my pathetic presentation was over. Gee, why does that sound familiar? :D

Here are some pictures taken with my camera by one cute Beehive named Melissa:



And here are a couple shots I got of the last three girls waiting for their rides to come. We had fun trying to get the jumping pictures just right.




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miriam said...

that sounds terrifying. i feel that way every time someone asks me anything remotely photographic. i start "simple", get flustered, back track a billion times, end up going into way too much detail and then end up stressed and confused about what i've said and if i've actually finished any of my sentences.

so, it sounds like you did better than i would have. way to go!

e. del mar said...

that is so fun. you would have been my favorite if i was them.