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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why is my blog called The Bagel Factory?

Well, the short answer is . . .  


But here's the real story:

When The Chief was serving his mission in Argentina for the LDS Church, his companions and mission buddies dubbed him "Bagel" for its similar sound to his true last name.  It stuck.  We married.  Buddha Bagel, our first miniature (a clone of his daddy), came along shortly thereafter and the tradition has continued so on and so forth with Bagel Baby #3 due in just a few short weeks here.


Were you hoping for some long, deep explanation?

Sorry.  :D


Sara said...

ahahaha....that's a cute explanation. And baby #3 due in 21 days!!! Holy cow! Can't wait....

Lindsey said...

So, if Buddha has his way, you will one day be 19 Bagels and Counting?????


Liz said...

I'm in overdrive, Sara. It has crept up on me!

Lindsey, I was grateful I had no food or drink in my mouth when I read your comment. I laughed so hard! Thanks for that. :D

Laurie said...

Your baby is almost here! Good luck with everything, I can't wait to hear about it.

Brooklet said...

What?!? You are due in less than three weeks??? HOw is everything going in the final stretch??