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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mr. Pipster is Four Months Old!

Yesterday was the four-month anniversary of the Pipilodi's birth. And he's doing FI--INE! The baby boy is a hefty, healthy, scrumptiously rolly polly 17.6 lbs! It is widely agreed upon, by friends and family alike, that he is MOST definitely the MOST smiley baby ever to exist. He will even grin at you in the middle of crying. Seriously. He tries so hard to please. It's the sweetest thing EVER! Just this week he has discovered his voice and proved his Mommy right; I told The Chief way back when that as soon as Pip started vocalizing there would be no silencing him. So true. He yaks and shrieks, squeals and moans, coughs and splutters, all to the delight of his enraptured family. He's a busy baby boy, jumping in his Jumperoo, twirling in his Exersaucer, and performing brilliant kicks and shakes during tummy time. When I put him down to sleep, he soothes himself into slumber, alternately talking to himself then sucking his thumb. When I feed him, he gulps his way through mealtime, finishing in record time for any Bagel baby! He loves to scratch his fingers over any surface (but especially in his crib), experimenting with a fistful of fingernails and the wide variety of textures available in the Bagel home (the boy's a budding scientist already, see?!). He also loves to attack the shoulders of whoever happens to be toting him around, spit-up on anyone remotely close to him, watch his crazy big brothers, and stare adoringly at his daddy (for many loooong minutes at a time). He has light blond hair and I think his eyes will either be green or else hazel like Buddha's. (The Chief adamantly disagrees with this assessment. He says dark brown.)

At four months, The Pipster is UNIVERSALLY ADORED. We are so grateful to have him in our family.

To celebrate IL Pipidore's four-month existence anniversary, Grandma and Grandpa Bagel, Buddha, Bugga, and I carted him all over the San Diego Zoo. This may explain the fact that, as I write this, he is now going on

15 hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep!

Sheesh! You really know how to celebrate, Mr. Pipilo, you party animal, you!

Now could you please wake up and nurse . . . I'm dyin' here!!!






Daniel said...

He's a cutie!

Courtney Wilson said...

Ok. You have to have him rub some sleep off on Jack. The stinker.s

Brooklet said...

Wow, he is so handsome! I love his chubby cheeks! and it makes it all the better that he is happy all the time, even when he is crying. Awesome!