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Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas Morning

Bwahaha. I figured I'd better post this AT LEAST before January ends. This is what our Christmas morning looked like. Santa found his way to our house and left the boys a whole Harry Potter themed Christmas over which they were thrilled. They got wands, glasses, and brooms. And Santa dubbed The Pipster our own Drummer Boy with his little gift. I loved our Christmas tree which the boys had decorated themselves. And I loved how bulging that pile of gifts under the tree was (because I take after my mom and wrap every. single. tiny. little. thing. so that less seems like more). Also, a bit of the bulge might be attributed to the fact that The Chief allowed me to combine homeschool with Christmas and we got a bunch of educational games and movies, etc. It was a great Christmas at home with just our own little family. We definitely missed our extended families, but it was nice to not be traveling. One of the best parts of the day was unwrapping presents with Uncle Daniel over Skype. It was awesome.




I love this picture. This is Harry Potter taking a memory out of his brain for the pensieve.





She-She said...

I love it!!! They make the most handsome Harry Potters!!! And your Drummer Boy, I could eat him up!

miriam said...

What a great idea to skype with someone while you open their presents! I love that! And I love their little Harry Potter scars. So awesome!

Anonymous said...

Karsten has the cutest little cowlick up front. He has really defined eyebrows. Wow, he is changing so much. I can't wait to get my hands on him.

Anders and Soren look great with the scar - love it. So nice to watch them opening their gifts with Daniel watching. mom

Daniel said...

"How does he know we want this?" Ha! Too funny. Good question, Soren. Kinda strange seeing myself on a computer screen through my computer screen. :) That was so much fun!

Brooklet said...

Uh, being an enormous Harry Potter geek myself, your Christmas was AWESOME! Seriously, look at those brooms! I bet your boys had tons of fun.