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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Good Work Ethic

"Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, WORK, and wholesome recreational activities."

I'll be the first to admit that my kids have their quirks and faults (like every imperfect body in this imperfect world), but boy are they GRRRRRRRREAT cleaners!  They are super helpful and obedient and just plain wonderful to have in my home for my crazy, nesting self to boss around at will.  Just kidding.  Truly, though, one of the lessons I'd love for them to have learned before they leave our home is the virtue of a good work ethic.  I'm not a great exemplar of this quality - being easily persuaded (by my own selfish brain) to retire to my bed for an afternoon nap rather than tackle that pee pee plagued wall behind the boys' toilet - but Dan is a spectacular worker.  Only problem is, his stellar work ethic is mostly being displayed at his job outside the home (as it should be).  So I've been trying to really squelch that lazy inner voice of mine and get myself motivated in order to get my troops motivated.  You know the whole "be what you want them to be, do what you want them to do" gig.  Anyway, I still find myself frequently hoisting my heft onto my bed these days, but I've been trying much harder to stay on top of things and work, work, work first so that I can take that nap without any guilty feelings of neglect nagging at me. And these boys have been more than willing to come along for the ride.  I am so, so grateful for these wonderful, helpful guys of mine.  They have great attitudes and are game for anything.  They teach me so much and I'm so grateful I get to be their mom!

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Lisa/Scott said...

You're such a great example!!! Daily work is something I struggle with. A lot. I try and blame my three month old for always wanting to be held no matter what, but I know if I pushed harder I could get more done. My biggest fault is taking on the whole house by myself and not putting the kids to work because I'm so dang particular about how everything should look. Scott and lectured me on this because then I'm exhausted and my perfectly energetic children haven't been as productive with said energy as they could have easily been. You have made me resolve to do better Liz!

Liz said...

Oh man, Lisa, I totally understand that. I'm particular, too, and usually stand by with fingers just itching to take over. I just try to put those same fingers to use clamping my big mouth shut until I can bring myself to overlook the imperfect and praise the good stuff they do, instead. :) It's sometimes a losing battle.

Daniel said...

Ha! Love the vacuum pics. You've got some cute little workers there.