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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bits and Pieces of April

We love tapping into Pandora's "Crazy Frog" station and having techno dance parties in the living room.  Karsten was already worn out after a few songs, so he was taking a self-initiated reading break here while his brothers continued to boogie down on the dance floor.

Here are some of the things that went on this month.  Probably not in order, but I don't think it makes any difference with these particular pictures.  We have basically hunkered down at home to await the arrival of our new little guy and photos of daily living just don't need to be orderly, right?!

Playing in mom and dad's bed with cars seems to be one of Pip's favorite things to do.  The big boys are only too happy to oblige.

Dad and the boys played Pick and Draw (or "Faces," as the boys call it).

Karsten became an elephant and discovered a clover.  :)

Karsten helped Mommy make breakfast one morning.

Karsten painted his face with sunbutter and apple slices.

Karsten discovered a new play perch.

Karsten's head grew.  ;)

Soren and Karsten rocked out on the Bagel stage with their Tinker Toy microphones (courtesy of Soren's construction genius).

Mom and Dad celebrated their 9th anniversary at Cirque du Soleil's Totem production that was performed at the Del Mar fairgrounds.

Dan thought it looked like he had a black eye, thus ... the next picture ....

I love it.

Incidentally, I discovered something in the making of this post.  You know how they say that you get fewer and fewer pictures of each consecutive child until there is almost no record of the formative years of your last?  Yeah, that must not be the case with me.  Clearly I have a thing for cute little toddlers with big heads.  :)  Really, though, my big boys aren't changing as much as my little guy is (or as fast), so I tend to get fewer pictures of them as they repeat the same routine over and over each day.  Boo on me.  I've just acquired a new goal.

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SkYLan said...

I'm most impressed with your house! What a cool set up you have. And if yuo're in San Diego, it's probably not a HUGE house, but it looks so spacious, and open, and CLEAN! You have 3 boys! and you're pregnant. How do you do it?!

Daniel said...

I love the Horton pics! And the ones with Karsten helping mommy make breakfast.....too cute! Especially that second one. "I'm going to close my eyes as hard as I can and I will......not......look.....at the camera!" I can't get enough of that scrunchy face. You and Dan look great.....even with the black eye!

Lindsey said...

Dear Beautiful Friend,

I thank you kindly for this post. You know how much I love your photographic talents, and they were clearly on display here, per usual. Also per usual, I am going to thank you (or Dan?) for the pics of you and Karsten in the kitchen. I'm always happy to see your lovely face during its rare (hint hint) appearances on this otherwise fantastic blog. Lastly, the shot of you and your Dan and your cute belly on your anniversary MADE MY DAY. You know it did. So I thank you especially for that one. I can't help it...I'm obsessed with pregnant belly pics. Thank you for indulging me. Feel free to continue to do so. Thank you.
Much love,

Your WA friend