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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Sleep in Sheets

I sleep in sheets.

Every night I curl up under cool, cozy, silky-soft sheets and drift off to sleep to the accompaniment of kicks, punches, and rolls randomly distending my abdomen.

Half the world doesn't even know what sheets are.

Or care.

They are starving to death while I curl up in my sheets at night.

They are fighting for their very lives against disease, malnutrition, starvation, and political oppression.

I know this "moment" of mine isn't profound (and even perhaps a little laughable for those of you who've arrived at this place years ago or dedicated your life to eradicating such injustices), but it's definitely caused me to feel a great sense of gratitude for what I have and humility for what others do without on a daily basis.

It puts me in mind of two hymns sung in our church; one about gratitude and the other about allowing that gratitude to spill over and touch someone else's life for the better:

I think I'll start a daily gratitude journal so as never to lose this urgent feeling of needing to reach out past my own insignificant problems to help others who are far less fortunate than I.

First entry: sheets.
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Christa Jeanne said...

Love this, Liz!!! I've thought about this a lot while miring through a myriad of problems in the last six months - health, family, dating, work. It's been draining, but at the same time, I've also had my eye opened to SO many blessings because of it!!! Never have I appreciated the Atonement more; never have I been quite so grateful for the amazing support system I do have (instead of just longing for a better family support system that I've finally accepted won't change). Even in the midst of trials and tribulation, there are always so many things with which we ARE blessed, and there are so many out there who have less and can always use our outstretched hands. Thanks for the reminder!