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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Independence Day 2012

I've been really terrible about keeping up on our summer happenings here on the blog. It makes me sad because we've been doing so much and having a ball. My goal is to post one post a day with pictures from one event each day. Doable? I say YES! (Every achievement begins, proceeds, and ends with a positive attitude, right?) So here goes nothing!

Independence Day. My mom was still here helping with new baby boy. We went to a breakfast and bike "parade" that the boys got to decorate their bikes for. Then in the evening we went to see the RB High fireworks at an LDS stake center in Rancho Bernardo. The boys had a great time with their glow sticks, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still bitter over the stifling fireworks prohibitions here in San Diego.

Decorating bikes.  The boys were really into this.  And they had the most awesomely decorated bikes at the parade because of their holiday-appropriate beautifying enthusiasm!  :)

Pancake breakfast.  It wouldn't be Independence Day without a flag ceremony, pancakes, and a parade.  As well as friends and family, of course.  :)

And then there were fireworks.  And glow sticks.  But we were mostly enchanted with the glow sticks.  It was so fun taking pictures of them with my little point-and-shoot because they looked so psychadelically awesome.  Yes, I made up that word.

I made a glow stick collage because there were so many of those kinds of pictures, but I left the best ones to stand alone.  I love looking at these.  They are so stinking cool.  Anders was more interested in taking all these pictures than Soren, but once I showed the latter what the pictures looked like, he was actively trying to please the camera and camera woman.  :)

And, of course, it bears mentioning that we met up with our good friends, Todd and Erin (and their kids Joseph, Audrey, and William), to crash their fireworks-viewing venue.

The end.  That was a fun, fun holiday.

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lindsey. said...

Every time I see pictures of your mother, I am struck by her beauty. She exudes a confidence and a quiet, calming grace that draws me in.

Happy you had such a lovely 4th! Thanks for sharing so many fun pictures.