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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Rest of July

Hold onto your britches, folks, ‘cuz I’m about to charge on, full steam ahead!  Here are some of the other things I took pictures of in July.

Uncle Daniel’s Birthday

Daniel's Birthday (5 of 5) resized TBF

Our crazy diaper duty drawer

Diaper Drawer and Whiteboard Message (1 of 2) resized TBF

Random drawings and messages on the white board

Diaper Drawer and Whiteboard Message (2 of 2) resized TBF

Our new magnet/white boards from Ikea

Magnet Boards Collage

Eating apples in the backyard

Apple-Eating Collage

Helping Mommy make almond maple balls.  He kept dipping his finger in the almond butter over and over and declaring each time, “Not sweeeeeeeet!”  It was hilarious.

Making Almond Balls Collage

Playing cars and eating apples in the front window

Karsten in window collage

Reading on Big Bear

Karsten Reads on Big Bear Collage

Exercising independence and sharpening pencils

K Sharpening Pencils Collage

Magna-Tile creations on new magnet boards

Magna-Tiles on Magent Boards Collage

Mommy and her littles

Mommy and Her Littles (2 of 4) resized TBF

The many awesome faces of Oskar

Oskar's Faces Collage

Little man chillin’ in his swing

Oskar in His Swing (1 of 2) resized TBF

Tummy time and neck exercises

Oskar on a Playmat (1 of 6) resized TBFOskar on a Playmat (2 of 6) resized TBF

Playing on Mommy’s iPhone

Soren & Karsten on Phone (2 of 2) resized TBF

Soren’s packing bubble dragon with Lego rider and evil Kre-O hanger-on

Soren's Bubble Dragon (9 of 22) resized TBF

Bubble Dragon Collage

Soren’s moving parts Lego rifle, complete with trigger and sights

Soren's Lego Gun (1 of 5) resized TBFSoren's Lego Gun (2 of 5) resized TBFSoren's Lego Gun (3 of 5) resized TBFSoren's Lego Gun (4 of 5) resized TBF

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mtanner said...

Ok first of all... those b&w of that baby!!?! Those are amazing shots Liz. Second of all, what are magna tiles!? They look so cool!!

Brooke Osterbrock said...

Where did you get the magnetic marker holder? Ikea? If so what section? I'm making a trip soon. Thank!