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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pianos, Cucumbers, and Chubby Cheeks

I present to you the cutest little piano prodigies you will ever see.  In the first picture, they are, from the left, Addison, Malia (Mia), and Karsten.  A couple weeks ago at a play date over here at our house, I asked Malia if she and Karsten were having fun playing together.  Malia responded proudly, “Yes!  I’m his best friend!”  And that is fine for now, but their mothers are conspiring to have some sort of Rain and Bagel wedding (or weddingS) in the future.  :D


Soren took his failing eyesight into his own hands the other day.  Brilliant.


Anytime and anywhere that I put Oskar down, Karsten is not far behind, edging past me and promptly setting up shop in the [very] near vicinity.  He adores Oskar and loves to rub his head while sucking his thumb and whispering the word, “softly,” around his finger binky.  He loves to *help* Oskar nurse by squeezing the top of whatever breast he’s nursing on.  He always informs me when Oskar fusses and tonight, I got up to go get something while holding Oskar and Karsten said, “Baby down, Mommy?  Baby Down?”  He is just so in tune with our littlest Bagel and I swear it’s something sweet to behold.  My mama heart loves it truly.


And here is my favorite picture of this whole post.  Words cannot express how this little man fills up my heart.  It’s amazing how much I want more of these little buggers!  How can you NOT love this tiny, perfect, innocent, porcelain mug?!  Especially when he’s making such darling expressions.  Oh just you wait until you see how this kid smiles.  I am so stinkin’ excited to introduce you to Oskar’s most winningest personality.  He is a keeper for sure, this little sunbeam of ours.

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