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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Remembering Lego Club

Dan and I signed Soren and Anders up for Lego Club this past Fall. They really, really enjoyed themselves, attending about once every other week, building with Legos, getting to know the other boys and working on their project. There were only six boys altogether, so they were a pretty tight-knit group.  The theme for the First Lego League presentation was Helping Seniors (elderly, not high schoolers) OR showing change over time.  Our boys decided to show how something has changed over time and they constructed three different computers to demonstrate: a huge 1960's computer, a 1980's desktop computer, and an iPhone (arguably a computer, right?!).  :D  On January 19th, we went to Legoland for the presentations and enjoyed seeing many displays from other groups and then taking off to explore the park. Definitely good times with Lego Club.  Thank you, Ms. Amy!

This kid was SO patient, following me around as I snapped a billion pictures.  He was probably so bored.

And here are all my Instagram pics from the day:

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lindsey. said...

The pic of Karsten just chilling on a stool is my favorite. That face! Oh, too, too cute. Oh, and I'm also fond of the pic of Dan carrying your purse. :)