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Monday, January 7, 2013

Soren's Baptism

Back in November our Soren Boy turned eight. Eight is a big deal in the LDS faith. Eight is the age of accountability, the point at which our sins count and the atonement matters much, much more as we work to be forgiven daily for our many shortcomings and weaknesses. Eight is when we are baptized and take upon us the name of Christ, promising to always remember Him and keep His commandments. In turn, we are recognized as an official member of His Church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Also at this time we receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, the amazing blessing the Lord has granted us to always have His Spirit with us as we sojourn here on Earth, attempting to navigate the adversary's many pitfalls.

Soren was so, SO happy to be surrounded by familiar faces on this momentous occasion.  So many people love him and we are eternally grateful for the support shown him by so many loved ones.  We had my family members from Utah, Dan's family members from Arizona and Orange County, ward family members from our church congregation here in San Diego, our wonderful neighbors from across the street, and, in a first for many of us, we were even able to plug Uncle Daniel into the program by lugging in a laptop and revving up Skype.  It was so neat to have him there even though he was actually half way across the world and 10 or so hours ahead of us!

The day was beautiful and the Spirit was strong.  I was scooting around happily snapping pictures and staring, mystified, at my first-born all grown up.  I can't believe I have an eight-year-old!  Dan and I are so extremely proud of Soren for choosing to become a member of the Lord's Church and embark on the greatest adventure of service and love he will ever have on this earth.  And I am so eternally grateful for Dan's worthiness to hold the priesthood of the Lord and the respect he shows for this wonderful power.

We are so blessed.  So, so very blessed.  My heart is full as I write and think back on that day all wrapped up and packaged in love and joy.

Here are the kids checking out the baptismal font.

I love this sequence purely because of what Oskar is doing to Anders.  Ha ha ha!

Soren and Daddy sharing a laugh over something.

Uncle Daniel looking on from the laptop.

Hi, Uncle Daniel! (He even dressed up for the occasion - how sweet is that?!)

Our neighbors, Glen and Debbie, on the left.  Cranes and Allens (friends) behind.  Grandpa Ogden.
Lots of people love our SoSo!

Daddy and [some of] his boys.  Karsten was wandering who-knows-where.

I love, LOVE this picture.  We are not allowed to take pictures of the actual baptism out of respect for the sacred nature of the ceremony, but I was able to snap this last picture of Soren and his Daddy entering the baptismal font before I sat down.  I love that we have this tradition of inviting the children present to gather in front of the glass to witness the baptism of their friend.  This picture is so full of awe and wonder and love.
We love you, Soren, and we are so impressed with your testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  You are a strong force for good in this world that is desperate for good.  You shine so brightly and evil and darkness shrink before you.  You are an obedient son, a tender and loving brother, and a sensitive friend.  We are so proud of you.

Love, Mom and Dad

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Brooklet said...

Good job, Soren! That last picture is so cool! what a treasure to have.

miriam said...

Hooray for Soren! And Congratulations, Liz. What a boy. (And I wish I had a sister to marry your brother. . .oh wait! I do! hmm... the point i'm trying to make is that everything i've seen of him has been impressive. i like to have impressive people in my family. hint, hint)

Lisa said...

We are so happy for Soren!! What a special day! Parker was baptized this last Saturday. I cant believe are boys are eight now. I loved all the pictures. The ones of Soren and Dan in front of the font are my favorite.374

Laurie said...

Love it! So neat that Uncle Daniel could be in on it too!! What a sweet kid!

lindsey. said...

The middle picture of you and Soren makes me happy. And I completely teared up over the picture of Uncle Daniel and the fact that he dressed up for the ceremony even though he couldn't be there in person. That just melted my heart. It makes me so glad that there was so much love surrounding Soren on his big day (and every day!)