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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Did You Know?

So, I learned something new the other day that is still surprising me today for two reasons. First, I've discovered I'm quite ignorant. Second, I just can't believe this...it blows my mind! Did all of you out there know that Tijuana is Mexico's sixth largest city? And that Tijuana is, in fact, larger than San Diego???!!! I'm still reeling from that discovery. Well, I say discovery, but really The Chief had to educate me. :) It just goes to show how much our very self-centered little lives are dictated by our own preconceptions, misconceptions, and delusions. I remember Tijuana as a dusty little town full of dirty little booths filled with tourist-attracting junk. :) Of course, the last time I was there was before I graduated from Primary, I think. :) So, my brain is now struggling to change this extremely ignorant misconception and I thought I would plague everyone else with this struggle, too. Of course, my assumption that you are all as ignorant as I am is probably a grave misconception in itself. Man, that line of thought could drag me in circles. Cheers!


Steve said...

Leave it to Dan to send out false information like that.

According to Wikipedia (I know it is not the most reliable source), it is the 6th largest, not the second.

1. Mexico City (DF, ME)(19.23 million)
2. Guadalajara (JA)(4.10 million)
3. Monterrey (NL)(3.66 million)
4. Puebla (PB, TL)(2.11 million)
5. Toluca (ME)(1.61 million)
6. Tijuana (BC)(1.47 million)

But that still is amazing and would be a larger population than San Diego.

Brooklet said...

Wow, who knew. I have never been to Tijuana and its not really on my list of places to visit, but I do like trivia, especially when its partially made up!

Liz said...

Woops! :) I guess I should have done my own research. :) Still crazy that it's bigger than San Diego (can you hear me trying to save face?)! :) j/k. Ah, fun stuff. I'm glad you like my partially true trivia, Brooke. I guess I'll have to come up with something better in order to stump Steve next time. :)

Liz said...

Well, I fixed it. And now your comment is not going to make sense to anyone, Steve. :) Sorry. But thanks for the correction!

Dan said...

I guess I will do some research before I have a casual conversation with my wife about something that I recalled reading on the internet. I guess you never can tell when your spouse will post something on the internet that you brought up casually. Perdonadme!

Lisa said...

I didn't know that either. I love going to Tijuana. I use to go there every summer when I visited my Grandparents. My Dad loves to barder with the vendors. My favorite thing to buy is Mexican jumping beans. They are a bean that has a little worm in them. Sounds gross but it is so cool. Your boys would love them. It's crazy that you have to have a passport or birth certificate to go there now.

ScottnLisa said...

Scott and I were in Tijuana last February...in the last ten years they've cleaned it up a lot. When we were down there it wasn't dusty or drab at all, in fact a lot of it had been americanized. They had a really good shrimp soup. It's still pretty tourist oriented since it's right on the border, but quite enjoyable all the same. (:

Scott & Karin said...

WOW! I've never been, so I wouldn't really know...But that does surprise me that it is that big. It sounds like you guys are adjusting well and having tons of fun!

Daniel said...

I thought Tijuana was in the United States. ;)

Liz said...

Ha ha ha! You're still alive, Daniel?! :)