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Friday, August 31, 2007

We Love Our Backyard!

Thanks to Craigslist and Freecycle, we've managed to turn our yard into a really kid-friendly climbing, sliding, playing haven. We had a blast out there the other day as you can see in the pictures. :) It was kind of an impromptu excursion out-of-doors, which is why Bugga doesn't have a swim diaper on. Buddha's swim diaper came later, out of necessity. Enjoy!

I filled the ducky with water and a second later, Buddha had submerged himself, shirt and all. It was a hot day and I guess the poor kid just needed to cool down...quickly! :)

The Little People are swimming with Buddha.

Bugga wanted to get in on the water action, too.

Buddha kicked that beach ball at the climbing cube over and over and over again. He's got an awesome kicking leg, but my favorite is the helpful tongue sticking out. :) He's just like his mom - when I'm concentrating on something, my tongue is often hanging out, as if that will help me catch some inspiration.

Catching flies.

This is why they make swim diapers. :) The poor kid is carrying around 20lbs of water on his rear. :)

Such a cute little man! Such a joy!


Brooklet said...

OH, I love to see completely swollen diapers on kids, they end up hanging down to their knees!! Glad to see you are enjoying the CA sun.

Kari said...

Looks like fun! Back yards are the greatest, expecially with lots of toys :)