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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Festivities!

We had an awesome Labor Day! Well, let's back up for a second. The day before Labor Day was awesome, too. Uncle Gumby and Aunt Sooz were in town and they came over to have dinner with us. Buddha wouldn't let me do anything the whole time Sooz was around. I would ask if he wanted me to get him out of his high chair and he would say, "No, Sooz will do it." He told Sooz she was finished eating, so she could play cars with him. :) I think he has a crush. He loves Aunt Sooz! And Bugga couldn't get enough of staring at Gumby. He did not know what to think of him (last time they met, Bugga was a newborn), so he just kept staring and staring. :) Gumby has a great way with kids. He was doing raspberries on Bugga's neck and flying him over head and making funny faces at him. Bugga was enthralled through it all. :) It was cute. Thanks for visiting, Gumby and Sooz, we loved having you!

On Monday, we got to go to the military beach on Coronado with our friends Heather and Jacoby and their kids Coby and Rett. There were also three other families who came along. We had a great time! Buddha, who was terrified of the ocean last year, did a complete 180, and was having a ball running in and out of the water. In fact, his transformation was so complete, that we were having to keep a reign on him lest he just keep walking...right into the huge oncoming waves. :) Bugga thoroughly enjoyed eating whatever he could get his hands on - an impromptu meal which included such delicacies as sand, seaweed, flip flops, shovels, and [thankfully] a traditional lunch. :) I'm glad The Chief was with me on our first trip to the beach. It was very telling. I don't think I'll be trying the beach on my own for a while. After the beach, all the families headed back to their homes to freshen up, take naps, etc. Then we met back at Heather and Jacoby's house for a Labor Day BBQ, because what summer holiday would be complete without a BBQ?! The kids had a ball with all the great toys and we parents enjoyed the conversation and company. Thanks again to Heather and Jacoby for getting us into the military beach and for hosting a BBQ for all of us! You guys are awesome!

This is my favorite picture of the day!


ScottnLisa said...

ahhhh....the beach. I want to go back.

Brooklet said...

OOH, I can just imagine what his diaper looked like!

Lisa said...

You went to my favorite beach in the whole world! I grew up going to that beach on the naval base. Did you see all the planes flying over head and the big ships out at sea? It has a great view of Point Loma. I love how the sand has a glittery look to it. It looks like gold in the sunshine. You are making me very homesick for the ocean. I loved the picture of the boys asleep in their diapers.