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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Just For Fun

These pictures are here and there, this and that, just for fun. Enjoy!

Buddha has dubbed the linen closet his "car." He drives in it. This must be his equivalent of the Smart Car. :) It looks a bit cramped to me.

Buddha has dubbed the cool Stater Brother's shopping cart the "red Toyota truck." He asks to go grocery shopping, just so he can drive this truck with Bugga. Bugga is so cute in this thing! I know I would look absolutely ridiculous, but I almost want to take our video camera to the grocery store next time we go. Bugga gets so into it! His little hands go back and forth, turning the wheel so fast. It reminds me of my Granny when she used to drive - constantly turning the wheel back and forth slightly in order to keep the car going in a straight line (although that's no longer necessary with today's cars). :) Anyway, it makes me laugh so hard to watch Buddha and Bugga in the "red Toyota truck." They are good drivers and you can tell they have a great time!

Climbing around in the stroller frames. Bugga got in there first. He's quite the explorer. :)

Brushing teeth with Daddy.


Mom said...

What are you doing up at midnight? Isn't that a bit late for a mother of toddlers? I used to crash shortly after the kids went down. You must be a nightowl.

Thanks for sharing the pictures - they are precious. Loved the grocery car pictures.

Mom said...

Ditto from Dad. I burst into the biggest smile as I looked at each picture. You have very photogenic boys; in fact, I think they are both "hams." Keep 'em coming (both boys and pictures)!

Brooklet said...

I love that Soren imagines the closet to be his car!! Once we lost my brother when he was little, we couldn't find him anywhere in the house. So we were looking all over the neighborhood and we finally found him when he woke up. He had fallen asleep on a shelf in one of the closets.

I love the brushing the teeth picture- oral hygene is so touching!

Lisa said...

I love the picture of Soren in the linen closet! I remember doing that same thing when I was a kid. If you could find a small space and squeeze into it that would be the greatest. Anders is looking so grown up. Parker always drives the cart at Maceys.

ScottnLisa said...

Crystal recently discovered the car shopping carts and she thinks they're the best thing ever invented...especially when daddy is pushing the cart. The whole grocery store could hear her loud happy squeals.