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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Funny Oregon Blips

Here are a few funny blips from Buddha and Bugga. We've been having a great time here in Oregon and I have TONS of pictures. But, of course, I can't get them off my camera until I get home to my computer. It'll be a photo party on the Bagel Blog when I get back to San Diego!

1. After church the first Sunday we were here, I was asking Bugga questions about nursery in the car on the way home.

Me: "Did you get snacks?"

Bugga: Nodding "yes."

Me: "Did you play with toys?"

Bugga: Nodding "yes."

Me: "Did you learn about Jesus?"

Bugga: "Jesus? ... Nope."

2. Buddha recently helped me out during one particularly comical nap time fiasco. After listening to Bugga and Faces playing and talking and messing around in their bedroom for a long time, I finally asked Buddha to go in there and tell them to go to bed. So, he marched in there, threw them each their blankets that they had discarded, and told them to go to bed. Bugga started begging for milk and Buddha replied with authority, "No. I don't have milk. I don't have breasts!"

3. The Chief and I stopped at Dairy Queen on the way back from Silver Falls (more about this excursion later). Buddha asked, "What's Dairy McQueen?"

4. Bugga calls my brother "Unkey Dino." I love it.


Scott and Megan said...

Cute! I love the "jesus? nope." so funny!

Lindsey said...

I wish you had Soren speaking authoritatively about his lack of breasts on video. I love the things that come out of his mouth!

Melissa said...

Those are classic stories! I love little boys understanding of milk and babies- that is so classic. Great ones, look forward to you awesome picks like always!

Erin said...

hah! soren is such a smarty.

Scott and Karin said...

HA HA HA! At least he calls them breasts...Annicka would have said Boobs!