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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I've had problems with my kids zealously plucking premature tomatoes off my tomato plants lately. A few days ago, Buddha came running in from the backyard with a tiny green tomato in his hands. He headed straight for the fridge, jerked open the door and fairly threw the tomato in saying, "I'm just going to put this in the fridge so it can grow ... red."

I was asking Buddha how old we all were. He knew Bugga's age, he knew my age and I helped him with Daddy's age. After finishing with our little family, Buddha solidly declared "...and Unkey Dino is ONE HUNDRED!"

The other day I was tickling the boys. When they've had enough, they have to say "uncle." When Bugga was clearly losing it with the tickling, I prompted him (while tickling him mercilessly), "What do you say, Bugga?" He managed to cough out, "Uncle ... Dino!"

A few weeks ago when I was running on the treadmill, Buddha paused in his race around the house to ask me, "Mom, why are you doing that?" I told him that it's good for me, it'll make me healthy and build my muscles. He replied, "Oh, your little ones?" I have a built-in reality check in my family, how about you?

Okay, here's some of my favorite Primary moments since I was called as Primary president:

One Sunday during sharing time, we were talking about the blessings that come from paying tithing. The kids were coming up with some great answers like having the Spirit, always having enough food and other necessities, increased love, strengthened testimonies, etc. But one little Sunbeam, a very precocious boy who also happens to be of genius stock, blurted out "TAX EXEMPTION!" The adults couldn't help but bust up laughing at that. For those not of our faith, Sunbeams are three and four-year-olds.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the second counselor in the bishopric came in to do his sharing time lesson. He started out by taping a picture of the "pearly gates" on the chalkboard and asked the kids who lived in heaven. The very first answer was "Harry Potter!" Close.

During this same sharing time, the second counselor asked the children what their fathers generally did on Sunday to keep the Sabbath day holy. He was trying to wheedle the answer "reads scriptures" out of the kids. Instead, he got an earful of very interesting Sunday practices. One little Sunbeam proudly revealed that his father watches football after church on Sundays. Another little girl said her father sleeps all day. So funny!


ScottnLisa said...

I always wonder what Crystal tells her teachers about me and Scott sometimes. I love the "Tax exemption" answer...sounds like a future accountant to me. (:
It's good for girls to have little muscles...if we had big muscles, we wouldn't need boys!

Jeff said...