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Friday, December 5, 2008

Family Friday

Instead of doing a Flashback Friday (which I've obviously been terrible at), I've decided to do a Family Friday (I think I can; I think I can). Each Friday I will go over some of the most interesting, inspiring, shocking, heart-warming "family" things that I've discovered over the course of the week as I've researched for my marriage defense blog. This will include short excerpts, links, and opinions.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this fight is far from over. What's more, the Liberal Left owns the Internet while Conservatives are barely making a squeak. We need more people on the Internet, defending traditional marriage, making their voices and opinions heard, influencing the impressionable youth of our nation. We need more blogs linking together to surge to the top of search engine blog search results. We need more people to represent a strong front of religion and morality against a wave of irreligion and secularism. We need you. And you, and you, and you.

So, in honor of this pep talk, I'll refer you to a few more awesome pep talks I've read in the last couple of weeks:

Beetle Blogger: Voice of Our Actions
"The picture is growing clearer and those who stand on the side of traditional marriage give a gift we ought to prize with support. The time of blissful ignorance is over. It is necessary to raise our voices and be heard, to band together for strength and unity to withstand the bully tactics of the opposition."

Does My Vote Really Matter?: The Need to Keep Our Voices Heard
"Now is not the time to sit back just because one issue was voted in our favor. Now is the time to stand up with the other 6 million Californians and reach out across the nation. Our grassroots effort is not over... it has just begun!"

Latter-day Commentary: LDS Bloggers Making a Difference

"The last few weeks have been difficult in the Blogosphere as there have been so many negative articles and essays about the aftermath of Proposition 8. Is it just me, or does it seem like the national media coverage of this has been very slanted towards the civil rights side of the issue? I read so little about the moral side. That message isn't heard except in many of our LDS blogs.

Like Elder Ballard has said many times, we need to be the ones telling our story and defining what it is that we believe. I am grateful that Proposition 8 passed, just as I was when we worked so hard onProposition 22. But the resultant national dialog has been, quite frankly, a world of difference compared to what it was eight years ago when we went through this same battle.

I remain convinced that more LDS people need to join the online dialog. We are just getting started. There is much work to be done. Just visit some of the blogs of those who opposed proposition 8 and read what they have written about us. They do not understand us and they have said so. Let's give them more material, well written, well presented and shared widely."

And finally, one of the best marriage defense blogs I've found is one that has just recently made its debut....

The Kingfisher Column: A repository of news and information on family issues - provided by the people, for the people.

Here's one from Kingfisher: Prop 8 Umbrellas
"A recent demonstration at the Washington, D.C., LDS Temple produced interesting results. A small group of protesters gathered outside the temple grounds. They displayed their signs but did not block traffic. They did not deface any property or engage in any intimidating conduct.
When a rainstorm came up, sister missionaries working at the temple's visitor center...."

How's that for a cliff-hanger?

This site has it all: resource links, marriage news feeds, and regular opinion submissions. I'm even on their blog roll. Holla!

So, if you still don't know what to do, here are a few suggestions:

1. Start a family defense blog here. (It's super easy, I promise). Want tips? Don't hesitate to ask!

2. Join the DNA (Digital Network Army) and start receiving specific assignments each day.

3. Join the DNA Facebook Group to show your support for the growing DNA.

4. Educate yourself here.

5. Write to your elected representatives in support of marriage.

6. Express disgust with offensive, anti-religious tactics such as this, by commenting on reporting articles.

7. And/or take a couple minutes each day to comment on any number of pro-marriage and family blogs (check out our sidebar for options). Comments help to convey establishment and build rapport, encouraging blog-reader growth.

Happy reading...and, hopefully, crusading.

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e said...

i'm totally doing this. THANK YOU SO MUCH! i love the blog idea. that is so easy.