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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still Alive

I have been absolutely remiss in updating our family blog. I am still alive and kicking, I just find my attention and energy focused here and here these days. I suppose it'll slow down eventually (then again, maybe not).

For now, here's a quick update with more to come sometime soon (I hope).

We are back home in SD. We drove all night Saturday night in order to give ourselves an entire day to clean up our burglary mess. Instead of cleaning, however, we ended up piling into our bed together and catching up on some much-needed shut-eye. Later, our home teacher and my visiting teacher came to help. Jared cleaned up my entire desk area (bless you) and Lorraine tackled our ransacked bedroom. As Dan and I walked through our home when we first arrived, we found ourselves more and more confused by our intruder. Whoever it was stole our $15, piece of junk DVD player but left our nicer one. They stole my monitor, but not my computer tower. They stole my monitor calibrator, but not the entire package containing all pieces and parts essential to its functioning. They did not find my wedding ring, though a simple removal of toiletries would have revealed its pathetic hiding place. They found the video camera case, but never found the video camera hiding in plain site atop the TV armoire. They stole all of our DVDs...except ALL seasons of Frasier and the box set of Lord of the Rings (valued at upwards of $90). It just makes no sense and we regularly scratch our heads in wonder and amazement. We are blessed.

There's something funny that happened while we were in Arizona that I've been wanting to write about before I forget it. It's totally random within the context of this post, but I'm putting it here out of fear that I'll forget it soon. We were sitting down one evening to family dinner around Mary's beautifully and intricately decorated table. One of Dan's sisters asked Soren who his favorite Aunt was. He responded without hesitation, "Aunt Susan!! ... And my favorite Aunt-man is ... Daniel!!" Love it. Who needs the designation "uncle" when you have "aunt-man?"


Barbara said...

So thankful that you are all safe. The random crazy acts of people always keep me guessing.
May 2009 bring you those things your heart desires.
Fondly, Barbara

e said...

that is a hilarious story! aunt-man!

Sara said...

haha! Maybe the Lord blinded the eyes of those thieves, and they found junk they thought was valuable, while missing the really important stuff. Now get massive locks on all doors and windows, and a shotgun or two under your bed. :) Hey, whatever happened with Dan's car? We keep on praying for you guys.

v a n e s s a said...

Ahh Aunt Daniel. That's sweet. Your boys must really love him.

SOoo sorry about your house. :( At least you had some not-so-bright intruders!

Liz said...


We picked up Dan's car today. Everything's fine with it...apart from some serious fingerprinting dust all over the place (Dan's pretty upset about that). Oh well. I wrote an email to two cops in our ward and had a nice chat with one of them this evening. Apparently fingerprinting takes 6-8 months to process!! After that revelation, I pretty much gave up hope of recovery any more stolen items. But, my cop friend asked me to pass along the serial number of my monitor and he will run it periodically to see if it is showing up in pawn shops. All those DVDs.... *sigh*

Vanessa, they really do love Unkey Dino sooo much. And yes, we were blessed with dummy thieves. :0)