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Friday, April 3, 2009

Earl Eat Tibet Earl Eat Who Rice

Tonight we played Chutes and Ladders followed by Mad Gab.  We had a great little family time with the boys and it was nice for me to get up and out of the bed for the first time in days (I've been sick . . . yes, again).  It's fun to see Soren arriving at a "big boy" game-playing age.  He actually respects the rules and plays properly.  Anders . . . not so much.  Tonight he attempted to use his Chutes and Ladders little girl game piece (What?!  There's only two boy pieces.  Gosh!) as a weapon of mass destruction reigning terror on the other little girl and boys navigating the game board.  Well, either that or his treacherous little girl would try to kidnap the other game pieces. Anders is boy, through and through.

Later on, during Mad Gab, Anders was attempting to attack the game box that Mommy and Daddy were playing hot potato with in order to keep it away from him, while Soren was busy giving the utmost attention to the facinating timer.  So I was basically reading clues to Dan, who was succinctly and correctly answering them all with a bored yawn.  All except one, that is . . . .

I read:
Nose Sects Beef Form Air Itch
And Soren burst right out with the answer, clear as bell, proud as a peacock:
I guess our talks are sinking in.  Now, now, don't freak out.  We are very age appropriate. Basically his knowledge on this subject currently extends no farther than "don't do whatever it is that a man and a woman do to make a baby . . . before marriage."

What a bright little boy.  I think we'll have to save that particular card for the teenage years and play it as the first clue every time we pull out Mad Gab.  ;0)

Here's another one Soren got right away, don't ask me how or why.  I would venture to guess that it's because his practical Daddy always talks his fanatical Mommy down off her soap box by starting with this phrase:
Aim Adder Rough Open Yen
To play Mad Gab on the Internet, click here.  Have fun!

P.S. Did anyone happen to get the title? I'm going to follow it's advice right now so that I can enjoy General Conference tomorrow.  Toodle-oo.


Scott and Megan said...

Excuse me- are you guys PRACTICING/cheating your way through memorizing all the cards so the next time some poor unsuspecting fool/friend stumbles along they can get trapped in your web of evil game-we've-memorized- so-we'll-dominate sneakiness???

I'm shocked, simply shocked.

Early to bed early to rise... c'mon, challenge us Liz.

Liz said...

Ha ha ha! Yes, we're practicing cheaters. :0)