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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tea Party at the SD Harbor!

Today our entire family headed downtown to show our support for the 2009 Tea Party Tax Revolts – a nonpartisan movement calling for fiscal responsibility in our government. I had a great time wandering through the people, snapping pictures and making friends. I left Dan with the boys and I don’t think he had a very positive experience since Anders was being a pill the entire time (growth spurt, maybe?). At any rate, I came back to a harried husband who quickly reported the evil doings of our two-year-old who had tried to make an art project out of the huge Constitution banner that everyone was signing. Oh joy.

Here are my favorite images from the event. Following these, there is a slideshow with more.

4-11 Tea Party-3

4-11 Tea Party-17-2

4-11 Tea Party-11

4-11 Tea Party-31

4-11 Tea Party-39

4-11 Tea Party-57

4-11 Tea Party-53

4-11 Tea Party-23-2

4-11 Tea Party-55

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