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Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Potty Training Tactic

The boy who normally poops every single day without fail, has not pooped since Thursday.  Won't it eventually HAVE to just fall out of him?  The good news is that he doesn't want to poop in his underwear, but the bad news is that he also definitely doesn't want to poop in the toilet.  He breaks down.  In tears.  And coughs.  And gags, if I let it get that far.  Setting aside the psychobabble about what ails my child's brain, does anyone have some practical advice for helping soothe his fears of releasing over the toilet?

Here's what we tried yesterday.  It didn't work.  They made it almost the entire way through Robots with nary a pooplet in sight.  *Sigh*

P.S. At least the child is a piddling pro. :D


Lisa/Scott said...

I'm jealous of all the adorable, artistic pictures you're going to have of your children growing up by the time their adults. Love your work.
Potty training boys intimidates me. Crystal was easy. Her little perfectionist brain was excited to put a sticker on every day of her chart. I can already tell that my Seth won't give a hoot.
I'm going to be contacting you for advice when that time comes.

Brooklet said...

Something that worked for us was to bribe her with a big time if she went pooh in the potty. (as opposed to her panties, because she had no fear of pooping her pants!). I bought a doll that she wanted and kept it up high on a shelf where she could see it but not get it until after she went poop in the potty.

It took a couple of big ticket items to get her going constantly on the potty and when she would have accidents after that, I would take away the toy I had given her until she went poop on the potty again.

There are probably a lot of things wrong with what we did, but we were pretty desperate and it worked for us in the end.

Good luck!

Scott and Karin said...

My plan with Park...because he won't even pee in the toilet yet...is to let him be naked in the backyard for several days (when it is finally nice) with the potty out there so he can get used to going in it. We'll see how that works with a boy. It worked magically with Annicka.

Sara said...

Oh man, if it makes you feel any better, this morning Ari decided that he would be happy flinging diarrhea poop all over the floor, walls, books, and Jude's crib. And I woke up to that LAUGH, the laugh I dread hearing....hahaha.....