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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Months


Our little Pipilodi (yes, his nickname has evolved yet again) is two months old today! Weighing in at a whopping 14lbs, he's staying true to the Bagel tradition of birthing baby boys who could be bouncers (I ♥ alliteration). :D

Celebrating the two-month anniversary of his birth in style, Pipilo slept for eight and a half hours last night, smashing his previous record of five! It was bliss, I assure you. Now I will pray fervently all day long that it will happen again tonight because after wracking my brains to remember what I did differently, I am pretty certain it was just plain (and blessed) divine intervention. Thank you, Lord.

The Pipster is an avid eater (Every two hours, at least!), a fairly good sleeper (Like last night!), a power pooper (We're talking serious explosions here, people. They startle me even! Still doesn't blow out, though. Hallelujah.), a wanna-be talker (His whole body does the hula as he works his voice up from the depths of his determined, little soul to emit a tiny little coo.), a sensational smiler (He smiles on a dime!  Those rainbow squinty eyes are still my favorites.), and (drum roll please) . . . A THUMBSUCKER! Yes, it's happening again. And I LOVE IT! So all you thumbsucking naysayers can just take your little tales of caution and throw them to the wind. I embraced the last one (who just so happened to wean himself off his thumb at around nine months) and I'm embracing this one, too! Yes, I realize that three years down the road, when my child sucks his thumb while going to the bathroom and has buck teeth, I may be singing a different tune, but until then . . . .

Oh, and did I mention that he loves to stick out his tongue?  Heh heh.  I LOVE the rolls.  Love them.

We love our little Pip.  He sure makes us smile.


Jen@born2impress said...

Hi there.
I am your newest FFF. Friend.
Please stop by and say HI:).

Jeff and Aubree Gittins said...

He's adorable! Clara was a thumbsucker that I fully embraced too. As soon as I weaned her from me, that's when she weaned herself from her thumb. It was a glorious tool to get her to calm herself.

Mommy Katie said...

I am a new follower and I would love a follow back!!

Anonymous said...

Too darling and not enough pictures. More more.

lindsey said...

He's such a cutie!