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Friday, March 9, 2012

December 2011 | Christmas Card Lane

Christmas Card Lane is definitely a yearly tradition for the Bagel family. We love it. It's just a few streets away and full of jolly holiday cheer: from the lights, family friendly decor, fire pits, homemade treats, and elaborate train displays, to the RV-cruising Santa yelling out "Merry Christmas" over his loudspeaker to all the attendees. This is definitely not an even to be missed. My favorite "card" is still Santa with the tiny elf squished in his bum. I get a kick out of it every year. I was also thrilled to find an ode to Asterix and Obelix and the gang.  We had all those comic books growing up and LOVED them.  Dan likes Calvin and Hobbes.  Soren and Anders loved everything and seemed to think all the displays were meant to be interactive.  And Karsten was happy to have his picture taken with Elmo.  People are so creative and I absolutely appreciate that they share their creativity with the rest of us.  It costs nothing for us to wander those streets, but I'm sure it takes a lot of time and stress for the residents to pull it all together.

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1 comment:

lindsey said...

WOW! Seriously impressive. I wonder if they make this tradition known to prospective buyers of homes on this block?

My fave is the pic of Dan and Karsten and Elmo. Love it.