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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mission Bay Outing

About a week ago, before the rains set in for these last few days, we decided to head over to Mission Bay for a nice walk.  My neighbor wondered how I would manage this with three little kids, all by my prego self, and I told her that I would simply embark on this adventure with NO expectations.  And I stuck to that.  And we had a wonderful time.  Karsten was in and out of the stroller every three minutes, on and off of his ride-on car every two.  There was LOTS of running free, scooter riding, wildlife exploration (mostly ducks :D), touching-of-nasty-stuff* (courtesy of Karsten), taking of goofy pictures, playing with fire (no really, the fire pit we happened upon still had a fire going in it), rolling in sand, acquiring of grass stains, throwing of rocks, collecting of shells (Anders), and jumping off anything and everything (Soren).  And all that was BEFORE we even got to the playground at the halfway point of our walk!!  We really had a great time.

*True story: I had no key chain hand sanitizer left after Karsten stuck his finger in the drinking fountain dispenser, played with a beer bottle mouth that he grabbed out of an ash tray, picked up duck poop to proudly show his mama, and rolled around on the ground.  Ew.  Gotta love boys.  :|

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Adriana said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like they had a blast.

Daniel said...

Third picture is my favorite. Classic!

Lisa/Scott said...

OH my gosh your boys are so loveable!! I can't believe how huge Soren looks to me. I can still remember going to his 1 year old birthday party and watching him play with a balloon.
I love the duck poop fiasco!! That sounds exactly like my 3 year old who plays in mud all day, then comes in the house and says "Look mom Jacob likes my finger!" only to turn around and see my baby sucking on his "just played outside" index finger. Ahhhhh!!!