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Monday, November 5, 2012

Anders vs. The Shirts

Anders has a hard time hanging up his shirts. The bar is high and obstructed by the dresser below it, rendering the task tedious and difficult for the middle man. BUT, though he whines about his lot with the best of them, you can see here that, ultimately, he does not allow the chore to beat him. He is, in fact, quite innovative, at that.  I so love his creativity that I simply cannot bring myself to be upset with this.  It drives Dan bonkers, but I'll take this over the alternative any day (which is clothes - clean and dirty alike - stuffed in great, wrinkly, heaping piles on top of the dresser).

Innovate on, my dear little engineer.  Innovate on.
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Marcia said...

he's the man. That's how I did it when I was visiting. I couldn't fit another shirt up there.

Daniel said...

I'm picturing his pouty face as I type this. What an awesome little man! Love the creativity.

lindsey. said...

This made me smile.