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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy ... CRASH!

This kid is a daily ticking time bomb. He's a tornado of epic proportions. He's Hurricane Karsten (did we already pass the K's?).  He leaves devastation in his wake.  He loves to pull out all our games, spread the cards/pieces around, then move on to the next. If I ask him to clean up, he just looks at me and says simply, "I can't." Then continues on his merry way. If I tell him to clean up, he stares at me until I start counting to five. If I start counting to five, he stares at me until I reach five, at which point he puts the pedal to the metal to convince me he's obeying.

What a stinker.

Cute, though.

Ah, whaddayado?

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1 comment:

Lisa/Scott said...

My little Jake must be taking lessons from Karsten as he is already a wiggleworm who destroys anything in his path. He is a little hurricane and he can't even walk yet, and he's sleeping on my lap after a long hour of spreading useless items all over the living room and kitchen floor. These are the days we will miss. Right?