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Monday, May 26, 2008


I swear, when I look back on 2008, April and May will be a black hole of sickness, injury, and catastrophe. We are all sick...again. Let's do a quick run-through, just for the heck of it.

1. Flu in Utah involved...
-lots of throwing up
-movie watching
-and late night cuddling of sick children

2.Utah cold in San Diego involved...
-lots of mucous
-runny noses
-stuffed heads
-and late night cuddling of sick children

3.Ectopic pregnancy involved...
-pain, intense pain

Wow! Now you can see why my clothes weren't fitting on our anniversary. Yikes!

1.Surgery recovery involved...
-lots of sleep
-book reading gallore
-struggling to let other people do stuff for us
-late night wakings as a result of weird dreams

2.Utah cold in San Diego, Bugga's turn involved...
-all the same as mentioned under the April occurrence of this cold

3.San Diego cold in San Diego (current) involves...
-runny noses
-and late night cuddling of sick children

Note the band-aid over the ear (there's one on the other side, too). This is to hold in the cotton and onion juice. Yep, I admit, I'm a bit of a homeopathy addict. My mom used to do this for us when we were kids. It totally works!

4.Large goose egg on Buddha's noggin from propelling himself into the corner of a wall involves...
-nothing really
-it scared me
-it hasn't slowed him down
-not one bit
-but it sure looks brutal
-see for yourself (right on his forehead above his eye)

The Chief is home from work today, not for the holiday, but because the cold that the boys have been fighting recently has finally found its way to Mom and Dad. UGH! We better have a fantastic, sick-free, pain-free, accident-free June...that's all I have to say.


Jacqui said...

Oh man ... I feel for you! That sounds like a rough few months. We definitely hope the next few are better for you. Good luck on the recovery!

Brooklet said...

Happy Memorial Day!! Sorry you are all sick. WE have had sickness on and off for several months now. We are ready to all be healthy for good!

I hope you guys get over this soon. Summer time is no time to be sick!

Amy D. Hall said...

You poor family! I hope you are all better soon! You have been through a lot!

Mom and Dad said...

Well, you are at least immune to those viruses now. You'll never get them again. However, there are about 240 more to go. Here's to your perfect June.

ScottnLisa said...

Hey...all the adversity must mean that there are some really big blessings coming up right? Life is such a roller coaster, whether things are doing great or terrible or easy or difficult...they change. I'm thinking you have a lot to look forward to. (: I hope June rocks for you!

Erin said...

yuck, sorry liz!!!

i'm fascinated by the onion juice thing -- how do you juice an onion??? i'll have to try it next time joseph gets an ear infection.

Lindsey said...

Feel better soon, Bagles!

Freckles said...

Wow, you have had your share of sickness and disaster, hope things get better next month!

Lisa said...

I am sorry that you guys have had it so rough. You have been through a lot in just a couple of months. I hope all of you start feeling better soon. You need to be able to get out and enjoy that warm California sun.

megan said...

I love the book in your hand with the tummy shot! You deserve some good old forget everything else around you reading time!