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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


That's me swallowing my words. Oh well, it's not so bad. I liked both Davids, I just totally thought David Archuleta would win by a landslide. Not so. I did really enjoy David Cook's performance with ZZ Top tonight. Very cool. And I like the discussion going on under my last post. It makes me feel not so alone in my guilty pleasure. :) And I agree that David Cook will probably have a more successful pop/rock career, but I'm still looking forward to buying a David Archuleta CD so he can croon me to sleep with that pure, smooth, perfect voice of his! :)


Barbara, I totally thought Usher was a "raunchy ego-maniac!" I told The Chief before the show started that I was excited to see Usher because I'd heard that he was a good dancer. Needless to say, I was COMPLETELY underwhelmed by his singing (or should I say "lip-syncing") and his dancing (or should I say "foot shuffling"). You are definitely not too old. It's Usher, not you.


Barbara & Morris said...

This is me Laughing out Loud!!! HHHEHEEHEHEHEHE.
Thanks for the post.
Fondly, B.

ScottnLisa said...

I was surprised that the other David won too, but Archeletta is so young and he has so much going for him that in a way I think it's for the best...not to mention if it were my kid I'd be really worried about Hollywood corrupting him.

Bren said...

Hey - I am so happy to hear I have the same two vices as you. I just can't miss an episode of AI or Dancing with Stars! I love dancing and I love singing. I have said all along that it would come down to the two Davids but I thought David Cook would win. I would have preferred David A. but thought he was too young. It was great seeing you and Dan and especially seeing you looking so good last week while in San Diego!! Take good care. Love ya.

LeAnn said...

HI LIZ!!! So glad to have found your blog! I too am a big American Idol fan but didn't really care how this one turned out. It seems that they both had their fan base and the final performances didn't really matter. However I do think that David A. did a lot better. Can't wait to visit your blog regularly :)